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Photo Frame Collage Wall

When we moved into this house 2 years ago, I found a great set of 10 frames that were intended for a photo collage wall.  When I bought them, my intention was that Phil would take some photos that we would develop for them, but it never happened.  The set came with standard style photos (flowers) which I did really like, but was getting increasingly bored with them.  I didn’t have time to go to the store and get photos developed, but was ready for a change.  So I found some great scrapbook paper and cut out the proper sizes for the frames and filled them with that instead.  It looks amazing! I’m very happy with it.

Over the last few months I’ve become very inspired to create a subway sign type photo for our house – but of what, I had no idea.  Last night I was clicking around Pinterest and came across some great ones of different scriptures.  Joshua 1:9 stuck out to me, and is very fitting right now.  So, for the 1st time I created my own printable!  I am thrilled with how it turned out.

If you are looking to update some frames or change the look – consider using, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or wall paper.  It gives different colors, textures and a great look!

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My Sisters Wedding: Photography

Karen McKinnon of McKinnon Photography is my most favorite photographer and someone I am blessed to call friend.  Shannon contacted Karen 6 weeks before her wedding hoping that she’d be available but understanding that it might not work out, but amazingly it did and she was ready and excited to document this occasion for our family!

Karen and her assistant Jennifer, showed up at my house on the wedding day, and we had a quick ‘meeting’ where they basically told us to keep doing what we were doing and ignore them – easy!!  They were busy all day capturing sweet moments and it was perfect!!

Please head on over to her blog and check out the amazing slideshow of their wedding day!

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My Sisters Wedding: Flowers!

I LOVE fresh flowers, when we were 1st married, I received a gift from my friends grandma, a beautiful glass vase.  With it was a note which she said that you should have fresh flowers often as it is good for your heart & spirit! Over the past 5 years it isn’t unusual to find fresh flower arrangements throughout my house, sometimes just one, sometimes in every room!

For the wedding, Shannon hired, Tamara of Purely Flower.  She did an amazing job! When she dropped off the flowers on the wedding day, we were all blown away.  She incorporated several different flowers & textures and really captured the look Shannon wanted to achieve.

At the reception, we only had floral center pieces for decorations on the tables, simple and perfect!

Here is a picture of my bouquet and the head table center piece.

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My Sisters Wedding :: DIY Chalkboards

As many of you know, my sister recently got married.  There were a few projects for the wedding I did that I’ll share over the next little while.

One was chalkboards! I love chalkboards (as I’ve said before).  They can be used in so many different ways and are effective, sweet and fit the theme of the wedding perfectly.  Here are 2 of the 4 chalkboards that I had made for the wedding.

This one was displayed at the entrance of the park where they got married to direct guests down to the ceremony site.

This was at the back of the seating to encourage people to sit together and not worry about choosing a side but rather to choose a seat.

To make the chalkboards, my husband bought 1/2″ plywood which he cut into 2’x3′ pieces.  I primed the board and then painted them with 2 coats of chalkboard paint.  He cut baseboard for me, which I glued around the edges for the boarder.  It took about a day to do so that the paint was dry, but it was a very simple project and had a big impact!

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My Sisters Wedding – Our Beautiful Hair!

There will be a few posts of this very special day, I’m sure!  My sister got married on Sunday, it was a perfect day, the sun was shining, a light breeze flew by, and we were surrounded by family and friends!

My friend Sharon of Exquisite Make-up & Hair, came to my house and did our hair and make-up for the wedding. It was wonderful, we had a fun, relaxed and such an enjoyable morning getting ready! She brought coffee, mom and dad brought mimosa’s and we had breakfast.

My hair piece was made by Maureen Patricia who designed Shannon’s dress.

Shannon’s hair had wax flowers and hydrangeas that matched the floral arrangements in her hair.

My sister and I on our way to her wedding!

Our hair and make-up was amazing, this picture was taken at the end of the night – it sure held up all day!  So, 66 (for Shannon) and 57 (for me) bobby-pins later our hair was perfect!

Sharon, you did an amazing job! Thank-you so much!!!

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