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Not Right Now

Last fall, I was part of an incredibly bible study by Priscilla Shirer.  I have never been a part of women’s bible study and was thrilled with the opportunity arrived for me to be a part of one.  The study we were doing was Jonah and like all of you I’m sure, we all know the story of Jonah, but I was excited to really get into studying it and learning how I can apply it to my life.

The biggest thing I took from the study was “interruption” vs “divine intervention”.  We think of interruption as negative, that it doesn’t fit in our plans.  But divine intervention comes from God and although it feels much the same, the purpose is different.   There have been many interventions in my life, but I am working on changing my perspective that it is in face divine intervention – much easier said that done.  I am struggling with this daily.

During the time we were studying, I was challenged of how much in a time of need, in a time of struggle, I don’t think we really know how to care for each other.  I am guilty of this.  I have been thinking of a blog post regarding this for a long time, but struggled to put words to it.  Until now.

Well, they aren’t my words, but the words resound with me.  I came across this amazing song by Jason Gray a few weeks ago and it has ministered to my heart, helped me to be ok with my struggle, to know that right now I don’t feel ok, but one day I know it will be.

Take the time to listen, it gives an amazing word picture of things we say/do that may not be the best in a time of someones struggle.  Be gracious, loving and caring.  Lets not tell each other we have to be ok right now, because we need time. Lets be loving to one another, truly walk together in the trenches, not stand from the side and say we will walk once you climb out.

There have been a few people who have shown me what this looks like, what it means to “get dirty” when someone is struggling, when I have been struggling. And to those special people, I thank-you.  You are showing me, what Christ’s love is really like.

Here is the song:  Not Right Now – Jason Gray 

And if you have time, read his blog post by him about the story behind the song. You can find it here.

I know one day, I will be ok. But not right now.

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Lego Organization!

It finally happened.

After 7 years.

Phil allowed me to organize his Lego!

This makes me incredibly happy.  When we got married, Phil’s mom shipped out all of his childhood stuff – the most important boxes were filled with the complete series of Hardy Boys in hardcover and Lego, lots and lots of Lego.  When we first got this all it overwhelmed me, we were just settling into our house didn’t have much extra space and it wasn’t high on the list to deal with.  But soon I started getting the itch to organize his Lego.  In my opinion if its at least organized in the boxes, should we need it, it’s easily accessible, if its just chaos and we don’t know what’s what, then it seems like a bit of wasted space.  About 5 years ago I needed some Lego for a class project while finishing my degree, knowing we had a lot at home, I knew I could supply it.  The boxes came out of storage and I sorted out what I needed.  Once I was done, I suggested we could get some storage containers that would better suit Lego and then we could leave it in the house and actually use it from time to time, Phil wasn’t on board, so back to storage it went.

Fast forward to now.  Many of our nieces and nephews and young kids in our life are getting to the age where they love playing with Lego.  A few months ago, I mentioned that Phil has SOOO much Lego <insert big eyes here>, little people were so excited at the mention of that.  So, it was time to start talking about getting the Lego organized that we would be able to let the kids play with it when they were over, but keeping it organized that pieces aren’t lost or chaotic.  (Not only is this Phil’s Lego collection, but some of the pieces belonged to his dad when he was little, so its quite neat!)

I stumbled across a Lego organization blog post on my favorite blog iheart organizing and I knew I found what we were going to do! I showed it to Phil and he was on board, so the sorting began.

Let me tell you, when I was a kid I didn’t have much Lego, loved Duplo, but then moved to PlayMobile, never was into Lego so really have no concept of the quantity that Phil had and how long it really would take.   Phil with a smirky grin on his face brought up all the boxes. I was naive and excited at this point!


Like I said, I was naive, I had no idea how long this would actually take for me to sort it.  10hrs later I was done, sorted by color, technic, accessories, 1×1 (apparently they are hard to find otherwise), and our peeps.





Next, I needed to order our shelves from Ikea.  I went with the Trofast system that Jen over at iheart organizing used.  I read quite a few reviews and everyone who used this system for Lego seemed really happy.  So, I added everything to my cart $100 for 2 shelving units & 10 bins…. wait…. shipping was going to be $70, ugh! Now to rethink this.  I put a shout out on Facebook and was grateful when a friend of mine told me about the Ferry Godmother who travels to and from Ikea and will deliver, I contacted her and it was meant to be.  She was shopping on the 17th and would have it here on the 18th – and it cost me $25! YAHOO!

Yesterday my shelves arrived and everything came together!!  Phil made a joke about “Lego rules”, and I decided it was actually kind of funny, so I made a sign that is displayed on the shelves.  Rules are: 1. Phil’s the Boss, 2. Don’t lose the Lego, 3. Refer to rules 1 & 2, & 4. HAVE FUN!




I was tossed up on whether or not I would label the boxes, but decided to go with Martha Stewart chalkboards and used my chalkmarkers to label them.  I think it turned out great!


Now it’s time to play with all the Lego – I think kids (big & little) will love this! Let the creativity begin!


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Baby Shower :: For a “Little Deer”

My bestie recently had her 4th baby, a little girl!! Baby L arrived February 5 and of course we had to celebrate!! I wanted to make sure that Kathy’s mom could be here so we waited 3 weeks to celebrate this little blessing.  When deciding on a theme, deers kept coming to mind, L’s daddy is a hunter and the family loves outdoorsy fun, so that theme seemed to fit perfect.

I was thrilled when I found “Little Deer” printables on Etsy that would 100% compliment what I was going for!  I ordered online, downloaded the file and off to Staples I went to print my decorations!

To compliment the printed decor, I used chalkboards and tulips around the house for added touches.  My friend Britt baked and decorated the most perfect cupcakes in pink & green to match and we were ready to party!

IMG_9705 IMG_9691 IMG_9690 IMG_9689 IMG_9688 IMG_9687 IMG_9686 IMG_9685 IMG_9684


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