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Surprise & Anticipation!

I’ve been writing this post for a while, a long while. But every time I work on it, I hit a wall, thinking to myself – “what if its not interesting? or well written? or anyone cares?”

I was out for coffee with a friend the other day and I was struck that this is my blog and I am writing for me. Not writing for those who might stumble upon it or for anyone specific, I really am just writing or me, but every time, I hit that wall.  Today I change that.


Many of you who check in here often, know that we have desired to have children for a long time.  It’s been a long journey, but we were faithful and trusted that God would answer our prayers and fulfill our desire for children one day.

That day came.

In April.

We were shocked.

After negative home tests we were convinced once again another cycle ended in no pregnancy.  We were crushed, and this time seemed more difficult than others. We didn’t understand, felt broken, lost and knew we would take a break to re-group and re-evaluate. Even our closest friends seemed confused at the result.  2 of my closest friends encouraged me to make sure to get my blood test anyway, just to confirm.  I didn’t feel the same way, but knew our dr would want blood results so I made sure to stop in and get that done.  Expecting the results to be negative, I went into my account to confirm, and then we could really just move on.

Except, it wasn’t negative. It was positive.

I didn’t sleep that night, as I could hardly believe that we were actually pregnant.  The next day, I called our specialist to confirm the results. We spoke, she said I needed another blood test the next day to make sure the results were going up and that it was a viable pregnancy.   Those results came back, they had almost tripled.  The confirmation was what I needed, it started to sink in and we shared our joyous news with our family and closest friends.  We had an ultrasound scheduled for 7wks with our specialist to confirm everything was going well, and as long as it was, our care from them would be complete.

It was our 7th anniversary, we went to our appointment, was nervous with anticipation.  The Dr found our baby, we saw a heartbeat and cried joyous tears.  He let us ooo and aaah for a moment and then moved the doppler around a little more and said “and here’s your other baby”

What! An other baby… I couldn’t believe it.  Phil from the beginning thought it would be twins, his response: Boom, I told you it was twins!

From there on out we started adjusting to the fact that we were finally pregnant with not one, but two sweet blessings. This is amazing.

Fast forward a few weeks.  We are now 17 weeks pregnant and doing well. Babies are growing like crazy! I’m feeling well. We are very excited.  Babies are due to arrive in December and we can’t wait to meet them 🙂

Will keep my blog more updated with the happenings!


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