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Life with Twins: Nap-time

We all know that sleep in imperative to life.  I never realized how good I had it before the twins.  I enjoyed naps, I had long luxurious sleeps, in clean pajamas (and clean sheets!).  I went to bed when I wanted to, and most of the time, was ready to wake up (because I had an appropriate amount of sleep).

Then I got pregnant.

By the end of my pregnancy, moving my whale of a belly from one location to the next was a work out, which in the end, left me winded and I had to pee. Which was my next olympic event. But, I digress.

From the beginning, with the twins, it’s always been, when one sleeps, the other sleeps, when one’s awake, so is the other.  Typically it works.  Often one is sacrificed to maintain the schedule.  But it works. Until sleep regressions. Or teething.  Or being sick. Or because they simply decided that today why would they sleep.

Our daytime sleep had been pretty awesome for quite a while.  Yay me! But lately, the twins are in these hyper-sensitive light sleeps which are so easily interrupted.  Typically they are managing the “if one is awake, the other is awake” on their own… great right? No. Because one might wake up after a mere 20 minutes, and who only wants a 20 minute nap? Not me. (neither to they, but they seem to forget that).

Today I successfully got them down for their morning nap within 10 minutes of eachother.  It was glorious, all I heard was the hum of the fan over the monitor, my favorite morning sound.  I was just sitting down to enjoy my cup of coffee and read my book.  Bliss. Today was starting off right.

Then the hubs came in the back door (which is allowed!), and the dogs barked (which usually doesn’t matter, and actually usually they don’t), but today….  the blissful sound over the monitor quickly changed to cries…. from both… after a mere 37 minutes.  Too soon.

Let’s be logical for 1 minute.  This was no fault of anyone. Daytime sleep has been crummy. They have been light sleepers.  I know this. I’m a calm-collected mama.

Now, let’s be real.  Me to hubs: “Seriously? You knew they were asleep, you couldn’t have remembered to take your coffee with you as to not make the dogs bark and wake the babies?!”   Hubs to me: {blank look of confusion, as I come into the house all the time}.

Not my finest moment.

I like to think of myself as a calm, loving, patient person.  Which I am.  But this other side comes out after sleepless nights, and not getting “my” time during the day.  The side that’s quick to be mad and lay blame because my perfect morning was crushed.


I’m learning to roll with it. Not the easiest thing, but trying to get better.  Hubs is an amazing support, and does so much to help me out always.  The dogs bark.  It’s life.  And hopefully next week the babies sleep better. And if not then, I hold onto the fact that when they are 5 we won’t be having daytime naps, so I’ll be worrying about a whole different basket of things.

In my Instagram worthy life, the photo this afternoon that was posted of me sleeping with my man cub.  Precious. Calm. Loving.  That’s true too. That did happen and I loved every moment of that 45 minute sweaty nap with him, listening to his deep breaths, and watching him sleep smile.  I cherished it.

Naptime snuggles with the mancub

But a mere 5 hours before, I was so wound up by their lack of sleep.  Mama-hood is hard.  Whether you a mama to one, two, or many! Singletons or multiples! It’s hard. But it’s beautiful.  In one day we can feel such an array of emotions that make us feel like we should be admitted, but its a beautiful thing.

Amongst this crazy, the hard days, the long nights… when I look at those precious babies that were entrusted into my care, into my heart, I am grateful.  My heart is exploding for love for them… especially when I spy on their sleeping faces at night.  My heart is full.

Until tomorrow morning when nap time doesn’t go as planned……


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