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I guess it’s time to update the “about me”, a lot has changed since I started this blog 3 years ago.


My  name is Keltie and I’ve been happily married to my best friend for 9 years in May.  We have 2 beautiful twin baby-bears Mr. T and Miss. A – who we waited and prayed for, for many years, while we journeyed through infertility.  Our fur babies Jasper and Banff complete our little family – apparently things come in pairs around here!  It’s a crazy life, but it ours life, and we love it (most of the time!).

Some “about me’s”

I love surprises IF you can pull them off! I also can snoop like a champ, and get secrets out of most if I sense somethings going on.  2 of the best surprises of my adult life (which were successfully pulled off) – my 21st birthday was 2 weeks before our wedding and I was bummed it was going to get lost in the chaos of the festivities. Phil pulled off a huge surprise birthday party at the beach with tons of friends and family, it was awesome!  In 2014 when I was pregnant with the twins, I was totally sad that my sister wouldn’t be home to see me pregnant (she’s out east studying Optometry), anyway, the family pulled of a surprise of her flying home for 2 weeks! I had NO idea, it was amazing!

Gilmore Girl’s is by far my favorite TV show.  I started watching it when I was 14 with my mom and watched it faithfully every week until the series was over.  For Christmas each year, my parents would give me the previous season.  I’ve watched the entire series so many times. I used to watch it once a year (we don’t have cable, so it would be my entertainment when I did crafts etc)

I love to sing!! I’ll sing when I’m cooking, in the shower, when I’m driving, sometimes even when I’m walking if I don’t catch myself.  I used to sing on our worship team regularly, but since the arrival of our twins, it’s not quite as easy, but I’m grateful for when it does work out and I get to join in!

Thank’s to my friend Mel, I’ve learned that I’m an extroverted introvert.  What’s that you ask? Well, I love people, I love social stuff, and I definitely need it.  It truly can bless me, and fill me up, and keep me going.  But, it also depends what that social interaction is.  Large groups can make me a little anxious.  If I don’t know people, I’d rather not go.  I’m not near as outgoing as people think I am.  If I’m with my people – I’ve got this! But around others, I can get shy and unsure.  And as much as I love social time, I need alone time.  Home time. Baths. Tea. Quiet. And I’m learning, I need time to write, I really do enjoy writing (or typing if I’m honest, I can get my thoughts down way quicker this way – might even have a chance of keeping up with my brain).

I seriously struggle with the fear of missing out.  I don’t want to be a part of everything, but I do like to be in the know.  I don’t want to miss out on something awesome, and sometimes have  a hard time putting in boundaries, or even respecting my own boundaries.  I want to please those around me, and will do anything for my friends (even at the cost of getting hurt at times, sigh).  I’m learning that it’s ok to miss out, there will be other things/dates/days/visits/friends/adventures/etc.

My favorite Christmas gifts of 2015 – A Selfie Stick & Keurig.  I love taking photos of us, and the selfie-stick is hilariously useful (the hubby hates it) and I love hot coffee and was tired of old re-heated coffee, now I can enjoy a fresh cup when I actually have time to drink it.

After 5+ years of infertility we have twins.  I was in many ways defined by our journey with infertility, it was all consuming after all.  Then we had twins and this last year threatened to swallow me up some days.  This year, I hope my journey is to find who I am.  Not just defined solely by what my circumstance is, but to find what I like, what my passions are, to search deeper.

So, 2016, I welcome you, I’m excited to see where we go together this year! I know it’ll be awesome, I can feel it.

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4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Heather Fulmore

    You are so creative and I very much look forward to the upcomings postings!! Well done Keltie Says!!!!!!

  2. Marian ( G'ma )

    I enjoy your blog very much-so interesting, & the pics are wonderful.Thanks so much, love ya’G’ma xoxo

  3. Marian ( G'ma )

    Sure missed your blog tonight! Are you home yet?
    Thanks again for your wonderful pics. & stories.xoxo


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