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Throughout the year my love of make-up wanes and waxes depending on where I’m at in my life.  Sometimes I can’t get enough, and other times, I can’t even find time (or desire) to do anything – usually I fall somewhere in the middle.  Growing up my mom taught my sister and I the importance of finding our “5 minute face” – that way it wasn’t a chore if we want to quickly freshen up.  It was quick, easy and it really can make you feel a little better.

My 5 minute face, typically includes a BB cream, bronzer, blush, mascara and a bit of eye shadow.  Nothing fancy, but it’s a quick little pick me up (and with the twins, trust me, I need this some days!)

But sometimes, I want my 15 minute face – I really never spend more than 30 mins in the bathroom on my hair and make-up so my face can’t take all that long!  When I do this, there’s fancier eyeshadow, and more contouring and highlighting!

I’m on a make-up binge right now, where I’m enjoying new techniques, updating my make-up bag (out with the old and in with the new!) and it’s been a fun hobby to play around.

But, what I love most is what I use under my make-up.  Last fall, my friend introduced me to the Arbonne Facial line, and I’m hooked!! It has seriously made my skin so much better – I’m so happy with it – even when I have my no make-up days, I feel prouder of my complexion than I have most of my adult life.

The products which are my go to’s:

Fc5 Cleanser and Toner; rE9 Eye Cream; rE9 Night Cream & Fc5 daycream.   I have a few others I use including an exfoliator and a weekly masque, but these are the “I can’t live without” – the eye cream is amazing – especially for these twin-mama-almost-30 tired eyes!

If you are looking for a consultant and want to try some things out, I can direct you to my distributer who would help you out and hook you up!

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