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Monica was responsible for most of our planned activities in Barcelona, as you know, yesterday we did a wine tour, and tonight we attending a cooking class. I have never been to one, so truly had no idea what to expect, but my experience tonight is one of my favourites of the trip.


We arrived at the class and had no idea what it was going to entail, what the kitchen would be like, how big/small the group would be, or any other details. When we arrived we were told that the class would be with 8 people, we were shown into a beautiful kitchen area where we would spend the evening. Starting off the evening right, we were offered wine (which flowed through the entirety of the glass) which is said to be the most important ingredient while cooking!




Once everyone had arrived we made quick introductions and got the cooking underway. We were learning to cook (and later eating) 5 Spanish recipes: Tomato bread, Spanish omelet, soup, Paella, and crema Catalan. We were broken into groups for prep, and then all watched and helped as we cooked. Monica and Katie worked on the Paella, Katie made the tomato bread, and I made he crema Catalan (which is similar to a Creme brûlée… Phil I definitely am in need of a cooking torch!)






As the evening rolled on, and as the wine continued, our friendships with those we were cooking its also changed, from casual acquaintances to friends who we laughed and shared a wonderful evening with. One couple was from Russia, one couple was from Australia, and we even had a local Barcelona guy in the group too, it was a perfect mix!

Chef Candido was fantastic to work with, he was very knowledgable, and shared many tips and tricks. He allowed us to be very hands on with our cooking experience and joined in the fun. He is passionate about cooking, and you can see that in how he conducts the class, how he interacts with each individual and truly makes everyone a part of the class.






Finally, it was time to eat…



After dinner, I was called back into cooking duty to finish off the crema Catalan. This is where it got fun, I was entrusted to use the kitchen torch! (Dad, don’t worry, my hands weren’t even shaking tonight!)




After dessert, we visited and relished in the fabulous evening we had, as much as it would have been fun to stay, learn more recipes, the evening had come to an end. And what an evening it was.


We walked home, laughing, enjoying the warm Barcelona evening, and are now ready for a good sleep. Tomorrow is our last day in the city, who knows what kind of adventures we’ll find next.


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