Barcelona, wine tour!

Today was a fabulous day! Monica planned a wine tour for us in Barcelona! I have yet to acquire the taste of wine, but knew it would be fun, and I was so surprised by the experience, it was amazing & we had a lot of fun! The tour was 8 hours long and we went to 3 different winery’s so filled up the day nicely, especially nice, since nothing is open on Sundays.

First we had to travel to our first stop….


Which was the Jean Leon winery.


It is a beautiful winery, it was the smallest of the 3, but unique in that they grow all of their own grapes for the wine on the property. Jean Leon had such an interesting life story, moving to Barcelona with his family when their house burned down, being a stowaway to America and traveling across the states to Hollywood where his luck would change. He met Frank Sinatra who gave him his lucky break and from then he created a famous restaurant that many stars were at through the years, interesting fact, Jean Leon, knew who Marilyn Monroe was with the night she died but was a man of his word in secrets, and never told anyone.

While we were there we tasted the same red wine, unfinished and finished. We compared the color, taste, tears and smell. It was quite interested to be walked through all those little details. It was a great start to our day.

A few pictures from the winery.







The next stop on our tour was Torres Estate Winery. It was much larger – we had to take a train to tour the cellars and the property. It was a little concerning as we got on the train that the 1st question was if we were claustrophobic, not exactly what you expect, but the tunnel you you go through to get to the cellars was quite small and dark, so I guess it was fair. The drove us thought the winery where we saw the crops, cellars and where they process and bottle the wine. After the train tour we wandered through the museum until we arrived at the wine & cheese tasting room? This is where things got to be really fun!

Each table had about 8 people, at the 1st winery, we met a group of 4 ladies who we agreed if we took photos of them, they would for us. Well, when we got to our table we had room and asked them to join our table, and it was a hoot! We had 3 wines to taste, a white, merlot and Cabernet and paired with it was different cheeses, we ,axe would not only to eat what was at our table but as the other people left and had left food behind we did a good thing to clean up those things too! My favourite was the white wine, as well as Katie’s, and Monica preferred the Cabernet.

Here are some photos from stop 2,






Our last stop was Faixenet, which is a Cava winery. Cava, is like a champagne, and only in Spain, and only in this particular area. When we arrived we got to tour the estate and see how cava is made, what the process of it is traditionally, and how machines, and technology has helped along the way. It was a tour that you could easily get lost in, the caves are 20kilomoters of cellars, so it was good to stick with the group. Once the tour was over, we had cava and tapas. Yum! We got to try 2 different cavas, a Burt and a rose Burt, I preferred the rose. It they both were good. Wile we were enjoying our drinks and snacks, we were also enjoying the company of our new friends, we shared a lot of laughs together! It was a perfect day.

The last set of photos from the tour.








When we walked home, we picked up some snacks since dinner in Spain is eaten later, and headed back to the hostel for a rest. We really had a great day, and are looking forward to the rest of our time I’m Barcelona!

Until next time, adiós!

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  1. Sharon

    I love how as your day progressed and as the amount of wine ingested grew everyone got happier and happier! haha! I mean serious… check out how truely excited and happy you guys are at the last stop compared to the first! 🙂 Love it!


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