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DIY: Homemade Bathroom Scrub

I keep a fairly clean home and I actually don’t mind cleaning because as I clean I get to organize, there is a sense of accomplishment and when it is all done it feels wonderful.  The part of the house that I completely dislike cleaning though, the bathroom!  No matter what cleaning products I have bought in the past and no matter how much I scrub, scrub, scrub, I never feel like the tubs are actually totally clean.


My dear friend and I were talking about cleaning products and comparing how easy it is to make them, as long as you find a recipe that actually works well.  She told me about her bathroom scrub that she started using and shared that it made a HUGE difference, even after the bathroom had been cleaned, this scrub took off even more soap scum!


Yesterday after we had breakfast we headed up to Edible Island to buy the necessary ingredients for me to make my own bathroom scrub. Its so simple and let me tell you, it works amazingly!  I scrubbed out the tub and with ease the soap scum came right off and the bathroom sparkled!!! YAY!


If you want to try it here’s the recipe:

1/4cup baking soda

1/4cup washing soda

3/4-1cup castile soap

20 drops of whichever essential oils you wish

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