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Infertility & Us.


A big word, filled with an array of emotions, feeling, ups & downs and ultimately something I never expected to be a part of my life, because lets be honest, it wasn’t going to happen to me, it wasn’t in my plan.

However, it is in our vocabulary and is part of our life and is happening to us right now.  Phil and I have been struggling with infertility for many years now and finally I feel like perhaps I’ll be able to share a bit of our journey.  Maybe it will be more for me to get feelings off my chest, maybe it will shed some light on infertility situations for you who have someone in your life who are dealing with it, or perhaps it will encourage someone in their own journey.  But for today, it helps me to write my thoughts, my struggles and our journey.

Phil and I like any young couple thought as soon as we were ready for a family it would happen, perhaps with a few months of trying but it would be magical and exciting and fit in perfectly with our plan.  I remember thinking which month we would start to try in order to not be pregnant during the summer, or so that I wouldn’t miss big events… because, I of course was in control, right? Wrong.

Eventually I came to the realization that I had to let go and let it happen… my new outlook was sure to work and we would conceive anytime.  All of our friends had no problems getting pregnant, and jokes were made it must be in the water, but for us no matter what water I drank, or how many babies I held, I still, month after month, came up empty, no pregnancy, no baby.

Now, nearly 5 years later (not consecutively but near close) we are in a new place of our journey.   Diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. Oh, how I wish we had a reason for our infertility it would make it much easier to understand, or better yet ‘fix’ but instead, we continue to have tests and procedures, only to find out everything is as it should be and we are still in a place of unknowns.

Infertility is emotionally, physically and mentally draining. Its exhausting on our marriage, on our relationships with friends and even with family.  It is hard to be in this place for so long and feel like there is no end.  As much as I know people in our life are tired of hearing about the same old same old, infertility talk, we are even more exhausted of that being our reality.  We know we should relax, and just let go – but please understand, that it is much easier said than done.

We are hopeful though. Phil and I believe in a God who is greater than all of this, who can heal and who has a greater plan for our life than even what we could plan.  We still hold onto hope that it include children as our hearts are to have a family.  We believe that 2014 is going to be an amazing year for us, that we will be blessed in amazing ways and will grow and learn and continue to be on this journey.  Even amongst the darkest days in this journey we are grateful for our community – friends and family who have surrounded us with love and support, who have truly connected with us where we are at and help us to look forward even when we feel hopeless.

So, here we are, unexplained infertility.

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Vintage Themed Baby Shower!

I love planning parties!

I so enjoy the planning of the details, putting together decorations, envisioning how it will all go together and then seeing it all come to completion as we set-up! It truly is a passion of mine.  If I had unlimited money and space I would definitely have the sweetest decoration collection and throw parties all the time, but for now, this makes me happy!

My bestfriend had her 2nd baby girl in April, I guessed it was going to be a girl.  So much so, I bought yarn for the baby blanket before she was born – pink yarn! I started planning in my head some ideas, and thanks to Pinterest it all came together.  Together with her sister, we came up with a perfect themed and decoration ideas for the shower.  Vintage!! I love everything vintage, and it was the perfect theme to celebrate baby M.

Now for the fun parts :: Decorations & Food!

First, the food.  We decided to keep it simple, lemonade & water to drink, and then veggies, fruit and some dainties (scones and muffins) to eat. It was perfect, not too heavy, easy to plan, and yummy to eat.  We served most things on glass or white dishes set on a beautiful table that had a simple pink table runner and doilies (the real ones, made by my grandma).

Now, for the decorations.  Bunting banners, chalkboards, doilies, birdcages and mason jars adorned the house transforming it into a lovely looking vintage scene.  We set up a pink and white polka-dot pinwheel at the door to welcome guest in, had fresh flowers all over, and even served our drinks in mason jars.  It was perfect.  Instead of doing games, we had a craft for everyone to participate in: Maisie’s ABC Book.  We asked each guest to fill out a page which contained a letter and then it will be put together as a book for her as a keepsake.

Mom and babe were well loved and celebrated and it was the perfect sunshiney day for a babyshower!


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I’m home and it’s wonderful. My bed has never felt so lovely and being home with my Phil and our pups is wonderful.

Yesterday, after a lazy morning, we met Shannon for breakfast before heading back to the valley! It was so wonderful to see my sister right away and it was a great (although quick) visit!

Then we drove… I think the jet-leg was getting the best of me as I felt sick the whole way home, blah! But we made it!

First stop — to meet my newest niece who made her arrival while I was in Greece! Auntie cuddles are my favorite and I’m looking forward to many more!

Next stop — to see my dad! My mom is still away, so I have to wait till Saturday to see her, 4 weeks is the longest we have ever not seen each other – in my life! I can’t wait. We also got to pick up Jasper & Banff, who were quite excited to see us!

Third stop — the Klassen crew had us for dinner! Excellent!! As I didn’t want to have to cook & was dying to see the Klassen 5. The kids even did an auntie comes home countdown!!! Melt my heart!!

Last stop — home!! Bliss!!! I was in bed by 8, I fell from awake very fast and was grateful for my bed and my snuggly pups!

Today, I felt human again, a great feeling! The sun was shining, I spent the with some of my favorite people and felt content & blessed. Phil and I had dinner at the park and enjoyed an evening walk, and I finished off the night relaxing once again.

Life is good great!





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Hot Air Balloon Themed Baby Shower


In May one of my best friends had a sweet baby girl, so to celebrate we had a ‘Hot Air Balloon’ themed shower!!  It was a lot of fun and had some sweet details.

This is the banner that was hung over the entrance, so guests knew where to go! I found all the printables on Etsy, so it was easy to make the decor!

I had 3 of the decorative balls, so I added plastic cups with string to create hot air ballons.

The food table.

I found these mini-water bottles at SuperStore and then used packing tape to label them with cute labels.

I made the banners for the straws and served drinks in mason jars!

We had to have a candy buffet, the little cones were used to ‘make your own candy cup’ it was a huge hit! I used miscellaneous jars that I had at home and jars from my friends house so that there were different heights and shapes.

It was a lovely day for an outdoor shower and everything turned our beautifully.  A lot of what we used was things found around the house + a little TLC and you can come up with some fantastic decor items!

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Baby Shower: Simple Decor – Big Impact

There are so many ideas out there for how to make a big impact at parties.  Often the pictures you find the parties look quite extravagant and for many people, don’t fit the budget or are too much work.  Thankfully, you don’t need much to make a BIG impact!

When my girlfriend had her first daughter, I hosted our church’s babyshower for her and wanted to have some fun decor, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money or hours prepping for it.  So here are a few things I did.

My gift to her was a diaper cake – it sat on the table and was great decor, but then she got to take it home, which was great for her & me!  I used elastic bands to secure the diapers, and then used ribbon to tie each tier together, then stacked them — VOILA!

From the dollar store I picked up cups & napkins which added a splash of color and were useful for the shower.

I LOVE mason jars! They can be used for everything and look fantastic.  I picked up a few bunches of daisies and had jars wrapped in ribbon with daisies around.  Simple but sweet, and everyone loved it.

One thing I have learned is that you don’t need to do everything, but pick a few simple decor ideas and allow them to make a big impact.  Parties don’t have to be expensive or time intensive to be great.  Ultimately, in the end its about the people getting together to spend time anyway.


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