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Review: Fireside Forks

I had the opportunity the other weekend to try out the new Fireside Fork by Imagine Camping.  Creator Randy Brouwer created this great roasting fork that would solve many of the complaints that many have with traditional roasting forks.   From their website: “Sure to bring years of outdoor enjoyment, this hotdog roasting tool is perfect for campers, hunters, backpackers, RVs and family enjoyment. Another attachment that can be purchased is a Marshmallow Fork. Individual parts will be available for sale. These forks are designed to last a lifetime, and can easily be repaired if misused.”


Prices for these are:

FireSide Fork: $12.50; Marshmallow Fork $4.50; Carry Case $9.95

Or you can buy a 2 Fork Set with Case for $40 – and if you want you can get your handle customized with your name on it for $5.

Totally reasonable, and totally worth it!


When I first saw these, what drew me in the most was the ability for them to collapse and be stored in a sweet little case making them easy to store & transport, and also that no one gets poked when packing or carrying them.  Next, I was intrigued by the marshmellow attachment.  So many forks have prongs that are too far a part for marshmellows, and this one was perfect to fit one on and it didn’t so quickly fall off either.


The Fork also has a sweet wooden handle as well as 2nd piece of wood which can be used to help with the ease of twirling the fork for an even roasted hotdog!  Like I said it is collapsable and breaks down into 3 parts and you can fit 2 into one case which makes for easy transport and storage!


Here are some photos from our outing:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


I will be using them again next weekend when I am away and doing more of a comparison to some other roasting sticks, so stay tuned for Part 2.  If you are interested in buying them, check out their website to order online or to see a list of where they are available!!


I highly recommend upgrading your roasting forks to these! I’m loving how easy they are to use, store and transport, makes it much easier to pack up to go for a fire – right up my alley!   If you have tried them, leave a comment and let me know what you think of them!

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