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What’s in the Twin’s Easter Basket

The twins just turned 1 in December (note to self: time to blog about their birthday party – coming soon!), so they aren’t totally understanding the whole Easter thing yet, but I have some traditions that we want to keep up with them.

One tradition we always had growing up were Easter outfits – it was my mom’s clever way to make sure we looked nice for Easter Sunday, but also a good time to get us a new dress that would fit for the spring summer (we also got Christmas outfits, much for the same reason).  I’ll do another post on what the twins will be wearing – but its adorable, and I’m especially excited that Miss A is walking, as she’ll look extra cute toddling in her dress!

Now, back to Easter baskets — like I said, the twins are just 15 months now, so don’t really need much.  We’ll have an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, with plastic eggs filled with snacks – so they shake, but are toddler friendly (ie: fish crackers, puffs, etc).  For their Easter baskets, I have to restrain myself to not get everything, as it’s far to easy to get carried away, and before you know it, it’s Christmas at Easter.

So, these are their Easter Baskets this year:

twins easter baskets

And here is what is inside each one:

~Handmade Bunny from Cotton Fox Shop

~2 Books

~Box of Annie’s Bunnies & Cheese

~4 Plastic Easter Eggs filled with: Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies & Annie’s Graham Cookies


That’s it!  The snack and pasta are edible (and the extra’s are in the cupboard and restocked the snacks which is a bonus.  The bunny is a gorgeous handmade heirloom gift which I am in love with, and would highly recommend – she also makes gorgeous dolls, and foxes!).  Our kids love books, so adding to the library is always welcome!


IMG_1317 IMG_1312


As they get bigger, I know we’ll use Easter as a time to stock up on great outdoor things – chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, etc.  but for now the twins are too little for much of that, so this is a perfect basket for them.

What are you traditions for Easter? What do you fill your kids Easter baskets with?

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Review: Rain People

I think that shoes and hat’s might be the things that I am most a sucker for.  They are so adorable, and add such character to outfits, and since you have to wear shoes and hats when the kids are outside, why not have super cute ones.

Enter, Rain People.

I was introduced to her bonnets from my friend Bailey at Little Feather’s, she makes the most adorable brimmed and brimless bonnets for littles.  She even offered a limited editon Bunny ear variety – and had I not just gotten bonnets, I would have SO gotten them, I wont lie, I’ve still been tempted, especially since we had crochet bunny hats for the twins last year – could be tradition.

The 1st set of hat’s I purchased were a grey cashmere brimmed bonnet with a black liner, and a brimmed red wool bonnet with a polka dot liner.  Christmas was coming, and it seemed like the perfect set.


The best thing about these bonnets for me is that they tie on – hats are tricky to stay on little heads, especially when they first get them on and want to pull them off.  The fact that these can tie on means the hat will stay on.  I also found the bonnet style to be super practical for when we had the babies in the carrier.  It stayed where it should, and we weren’t fighting with hats and carriers, rather it was on, they were cozy and away we went. Plus they are adorable.


This year, I wanted another set for the twins – plus they’ve gotten bigger and although the 1st bonnets still fit, they were getting a little snug.  So, this time around, Miss A got a black with white polka dot brimless bonnet, and Mr T has a tweed brimmed bonnet.  I’m in love. The vintage vibe, how when they are on, it shows off their adorable chubby cheeks, and the simple color choice goes with everything.  These are my go to hats when we are out – they stay on, keep them warm, aren’t too bulky…. win-win-win.

Plus, y’all know how I love local!  These little bonnets are handmade on Vancouver Island! Alison is the creator of the bonnets and she takes amazing care at each of her bonnets that she sends to customers.  You can find her on facebook and can also follow her on Instagram and stay up to date on her latest styles and fabrics — like the spring and summer liberty florals which are to die for.

IMG_1051 IMG_1064

These are beautiful bonnets for your little ones, or if you are looking for a gift – these make the perfect gift too! I only wish I had them for the twins when they were teeny-tiny — soo very cute!

All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own – I just like to share what I find and love! xx – Keltie 

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Review: Goose Loves Lamb

Last May as we left a photoshoot with our beloved photographer Karen of Mckinnon Photography, the family that was next for her mini-sessions arrived and Karen was quick to introduce us, and couldn’t believe we didn’t know each other – she felt we’d have a lot in common!  We casually said our hello’s, I admired the adorable leggings and headbands her daughters were wearing and we went on our way.

A few weeks later in June, my mom and I went to an evening market that our downtown held over the summer months and again I met Mikhaila at her table full of adorable organic leggings/hats/headbands/hoodies! I was in love.  This was my 1st introduction to Goose Loves Lamb.  Having a hard time deciding what to get, I settled on 2 pairs of leggings.  They were adorable, soft and I knew I was going to be in love!  I was so grateful she was local, and we had such similar taste. IMG_4893 IMG_4899


These 2 pairs of legging just started the twins collection of Goose Loves Lamb in our life.  I was so happy with how adorable they were, how comfy for the twins they were, allowed movement and weren’t constricting, they are made from organic cotton and wash well.  (FYI: Organic cotton fabrics are printed with water-based dyes, and to reduce fading it is recommended to wash on delicate with phosphate-free detergent and tumble dry on low or hand to dry) … I’ll be honest, I am terrible at washing instructions – and although the leggings did fade a bit, it didn’t affect the integrity of the leggings.  Just now did I actually pack up those 1st pairs! The wore them for 8 months!! That’s a good bang for your buck in my mind.

A month later, when I knew I loved her stuff, I decided to order the twins hoodies & legging sets.  She offers custom orders, and I was able to choose which combo of fabrics I wanted! Which sounds lovely, except when I wanted them all!  Our order arrived and I was in love! They were adorable and so cozy!

Goose Loves Lamb

From this point on, Goose Loves Lamb has been added to the twins wardrobes with each size, and new styles.  Even almost a year later these are our go to outfits for them.  Comfy, cute, and practical!  And for this twin mama – I count that a win!

One thing that Goose Loves Lamb offers is seasonal prints and designs.  So for Halloween, Christmas, & Valentine’s day she released a set of limited edition prints!

IMG_5854IMG_7559 IMG_8248 IMG_8609 IMG_9727

I can rave enough about how great her products are and how lovely she is to work with.  If you are looking for something for your own babies, or for a perfect baby gift, I couldn’t recommend this product more.  I love support local, small business, but I also love buying quality things that are going to work well for my family and kids.  Definitely check her out.



I’m already getting excited for spring – rompers & shorts! Hello, sunshine & summer!


Please note: All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, I just love sharing when I have found something that I love and has worked well for my family.  xx – Keltie 


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Mama’s Favorite Things: Lush

For as long as I can remember I have always been a lover of baths.  As a kid, I preferred having a bath over a shower, and as an adult, I still find the joy in a relaxing, quiet bath.  Especially now since having twins!

Years ago, when Lush first came out, I had heard of it, but was intimidated to go in and try it out.  But, once visit to Nanaimo with my friend, who took me in an bought me my 1st bath bomb, I was hooked! (Thanks Kimmy, you’re the bestest!)

Since this time, I have enjoyed many Lush baths… and consider myself a “Lushy”.  It’s a standard, birtday, Christmas or everyday gift for me, and one that is most appreciated.  I love them displayed in my bathroom, and adore everything about them! The look, smell, and of course the baths that come with.

Today while in Nanaimo, I stopped at Lush and restocked!  I’m excited for my new collection, and can’t wait to enjoy the many bath’s to come!

If you haven’t tried Lush before – I so recommend it! You won’t be disappointed (My go-to’s are: Butterball, Avobath, Honeybee, &  Comforter Bubble Bar)

If you too are a Lush-y, what are you favorite products to use?


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Becoming a Mom

I’m sure many of you can relate, you’re young, fall in love, get married and start thinking about what it will look like to become a mom.  I did.  We were married at 21, and after a year of marriage decided we would start trying for our family, surely it would go as planned, and we could be done having our kids by the time we were 30.  We started trying in the summer, so we would have a spring baby, because spring is the time of new beginnings, new life.


Not for 5 years.

We couldn’t get pregnant. For no reason at all.  We were in the ambiguous category of “unexplained infertility”. Awesome.  I’m an information person, if there is information, details, diagnosis, I can study it, I can find ways to maybe make things better, or accept what can’t change. But “unexplained”, or “there’s no reason this isn’t happening” was heart breaking.  To all standards, we should be able to have children, but it wasn’t happening.

We prayed, we hoped, we cried.  I talked to so many encouraging people, those who had children, those who struggled with infertility, those were were never able to have children (and some who chose not to).  My world became completed consumed with this. It was exhausting.  It took tolls on my family, friends, community, church, it took the biggest toll on me.

On our last cycle of IUI (intrauterine insemination (commonly referred to as the turkey baster method)), I became pregnant. It was the shock of a life time let me tell you.  This positive test, would be just the beginning of my journey into mommy-hood, and staring to learn who this new person, I would be become.

At 7 weeks, we had the next surprise, that we were expected not one, but two sweet babies! SHOCK! But this was going to be amazing.

I had an incredibly healthy pregnancy, no complications, and at 36wks3days, my water broke, and the next day we welcomed our little man cub, and little lady cub into the world.  In December…. not in the spring.  But that was exactly how it was suppose to be.

The last 10 months have been a whirlwind of change and excitement and tears and long days.  Smiles and laughter and everything in between.  I have learned a lot, on being a parent, on being a completely different parent than what I expected.  I’ve learned a lot of my P-Daddy, and have fallen even more in love with him.  And I’m even more grateful for our family and friends, who have loved on us in more ways than I can count.

I’m excited to share all the things I have found a long the way that have helped make my life easier, and give you a glimpse into my world with twins.  Writing again gives me joy, to do something for me, so stay tuned as I start to figure out where this will all go… until next time

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Lego Organization!

It finally happened.

After 7 years.

Phil allowed me to organize his Lego!

This makes me incredibly happy.  When we got married, Phil’s mom shipped out all of his childhood stuff – the most important boxes were filled with the complete series of Hardy Boys in hardcover and Lego, lots and lots of Lego.  When we first got this all it overwhelmed me, we were just settling into our house didn’t have much extra space and it wasn’t high on the list to deal with.  But soon I started getting the itch to organize his Lego.  In my opinion if its at least organized in the boxes, should we need it, it’s easily accessible, if its just chaos and we don’t know what’s what, then it seems like a bit of wasted space.  About 5 years ago I needed some Lego for a class project while finishing my degree, knowing we had a lot at home, I knew I could supply it.  The boxes came out of storage and I sorted out what I needed.  Once I was done, I suggested we could get some storage containers that would better suit Lego and then we could leave it in the house and actually use it from time to time, Phil wasn’t on board, so back to storage it went.

Fast forward to now.  Many of our nieces and nephews and young kids in our life are getting to the age where they love playing with Lego.  A few months ago, I mentioned that Phil has SOOO much Lego <insert big eyes here>, little people were so excited at the mention of that.  So, it was time to start talking about getting the Lego organized that we would be able to let the kids play with it when they were over, but keeping it organized that pieces aren’t lost or chaotic.  (Not only is this Phil’s Lego collection, but some of the pieces belonged to his dad when he was little, so its quite neat!)

I stumbled across a Lego organization blog post on my favorite blog iheart organizing and I knew I found what we were going to do! I showed it to Phil and he was on board, so the sorting began.

Let me tell you, when I was a kid I didn’t have much Lego, loved Duplo, but then moved to PlayMobile, never was into Lego so really have no concept of the quantity that Phil had and how long it really would take.   Phil with a smirky grin on his face brought up all the boxes. I was naive and excited at this point!


Like I said, I was naive, I had no idea how long this would actually take for me to sort it.  10hrs later I was done, sorted by color, technic, accessories, 1×1 (apparently they are hard to find otherwise), and our peeps.





Next, I needed to order our shelves from Ikea.  I went with the Trofast system that Jen over at iheart organizing used.  I read quite a few reviews and everyone who used this system for Lego seemed really happy.  So, I added everything to my cart $100 for 2 shelving units & 10 bins…. wait…. shipping was going to be $70, ugh! Now to rethink this.  I put a shout out on Facebook and was grateful when a friend of mine told me about the Ferry Godmother who travels to and from Ikea and will deliver, I contacted her and it was meant to be.  She was shopping on the 17th and would have it here on the 18th – and it cost me $25! YAHOO!

Yesterday my shelves arrived and everything came together!!  Phil made a joke about “Lego rules”, and I decided it was actually kind of funny, so I made a sign that is displayed on the shelves.  Rules are: 1. Phil’s the Boss, 2. Don’t lose the Lego, 3. Refer to rules 1 & 2, & 4. HAVE FUN!




I was tossed up on whether or not I would label the boxes, but decided to go with Martha Stewart chalkboards and used my chalkmarkers to label them.  I think it turned out great!


Now it’s time to play with all the Lego – I think kids (big & little) will love this! Let the creativity begin!


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Fall Fashion!

I love fall! Everything about fall is wonderful: the weather, the scarves, the boots, pumpkin spice lattes, apple pie, mittens, sweaters… everything! It’s cozy and comfy and the weather is wonderful!

I recently purchased a pair of riding boots, which are amazing – I thought I would share some of my fall outfits that are staples in my closet this season.

First off…. This photo was from our family photos we took at the end of the summer.  I love tunic style tops, they are comfy and look great and can be worn so many ways.  I found this one at Rickis and paired it with a great necklace I picked-up last winter from Level10.


Next we have my outfit from the pumpkin patch.  I wore mint skinny pants (which I got for $7!), a black tunic sweater from Ricki’s and my favorite denim jacket.  I accessorized with a Sitka knit scarf and my riding boots.  The best part is it is comfy and looks great!








This photo was taken when I was visiting my friend in Vancouver, actually from the weekend I bought my boots! I paired my boots with skinny jeans and my favorite polka-dot shirt and yellow cardigan.



Another tunic for the win! This tunic I picked up last winter, I paired it with some grey leggings (super comfy), one of my favorite sweaters and my boots!


I love accessorizing, and when I find pieces that are staples.  This year my boots are that item, I wear them with everything! And since fall is my favorite, rocking boots & scarves is the very best.  Worm outfits, lattes, sunshine and crisp weather = a very happy me! 🙂

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My Favorite Things :: Make-Up!

It’s Friday night, and for the first time in a long time, I just want to sit quietly, listen to music, read my favorite blogs, check out my favorite shopping sites, and update my own blog. My mind has been going crazy with ideas of projects, photos, thoughts, but I have not sat down and written in too long. So, here we go.

Last weekend, the boy and I were in Winnipeg visiting his parents. I knew I had to replenish a few of my make-up must haves, and considered doing it before we left, but also knew that Polo Park Mall had a Sephora which is always fun and bonus for me, I had some new make-up I wanted to try and knew I could pick it up there. Off to Sephora I went, replenished my must-haves, picked up a few new treats and off we go.

Tonight I want to share my fave products, my 5-minute(ish) face, and my go-to’s!


My daily faves include:

smashbox halo hydrating perfecting powder :: smashbox Halo longwear blush :: Bobbi Brown eye shadow pallet in Lilac Rose :: Bobbi Brown Corrector :: Bobbi Brown Concealer :: smashbox camera ready BB cream :: smashbox photo finish primer :: make-up forever mascara

So, it may seem like a lot of products and a little complicated, but its quick easy and looks great and feels light and simple!

Step One: After washing my face, I apply the smashbox primer. This is a big thing for me. Even on days I don’t want to wear any make-up I put this on, it just smooths out pores and gives your skin a little life. But I put it under my make-up and love it for 2 reasons. First, it makes my foundation go on much smoother and last a lot longer, it also helps that I don’t need as much foundation to get the coverage I want. Bonus!

Step Two: Apply BB cream all over face – I love the lightness of a BB Cream, its heavier in coverage than a tinted moisturizer but not as heavy as a foundation.

Step Three: Corrector and Concealer. I just started using Bobbi Brown Corrector & Concealer and am hooked. Her products feel great, go on smooth and have an excellent finish. The corrected is just that, corrects the color (under eyes, blemishes etc) and then you use to the concealer to blend it in to match your complexion.

Step Four: I use the Halo Perfecting Powder all over my face. This is an expensive product, but you hardly need any and it lasts for a long time. It feels very light and gives a beautiful finish.

Step Five: smashbox Halo blush. It goes on amazing, and gives a beautiful color to my cheeks that can be simple and natural or a little more bold and beautiful.

Step Six: Eyes. I have my new eyeshadow pallet by Bobbi Brown with some beautiful neutral colors that can be taken from day to night. They go on smooth last all day, and give me lots of different looks. I often will use a black eyeliner and then always finish my look with mascara. Currently I am trying the make-up forever mascara I got as a sample from Sephora.

Although that may seem like a lot of steps, it really isn’t too many and doesn’t take much time. It can be shortened or lengthened depending on the event, time of day or whatever else might be a factor. But these are my go-to products.

Here’s a photo from other night following this routine!


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Vintage Themed Baby Shower!

I love planning parties!

I so enjoy the planning of the details, putting together decorations, envisioning how it will all go together and then seeing it all come to completion as we set-up! It truly is a passion of mine.  If I had unlimited money and space I would definitely have the sweetest decoration collection and throw parties all the time, but for now, this makes me happy!

My bestfriend had her 2nd baby girl in April, I guessed it was going to be a girl.  So much so, I bought yarn for the baby blanket before she was born – pink yarn! I started planning in my head some ideas, and thanks to Pinterest it all came together.  Together with her sister, we came up with a perfect themed and decoration ideas for the shower.  Vintage!! I love everything vintage, and it was the perfect theme to celebrate baby M.

Now for the fun parts :: Decorations & Food!

First, the food.  We decided to keep it simple, lemonade & water to drink, and then veggies, fruit and some dainties (scones and muffins) to eat. It was perfect, not too heavy, easy to plan, and yummy to eat.  We served most things on glass or white dishes set on a beautiful table that had a simple pink table runner and doilies (the real ones, made by my grandma).

Now, for the decorations.  Bunting banners, chalkboards, doilies, birdcages and mason jars adorned the house transforming it into a lovely looking vintage scene.  We set up a pink and white polka-dot pinwheel at the door to welcome guest in, had fresh flowers all over, and even served our drinks in mason jars.  It was perfect.  Instead of doing games, we had a craft for everyone to participate in: Maisie’s ABC Book.  We asked each guest to fill out a page which contained a letter and then it will be put together as a book for her as a keepsake.

Mom and babe were well loved and celebrated and it was the perfect sunshiney day for a babyshower!


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Food Friday’s :: Orzo Salad

I love good food.  I love that meals often bring families and friends together.  I love that great conversations are often experienced around great food.  I love the tastes, smells and variety!  So, each Friday (I know this is a day late) I am going to post a favorite recipe!

This week – Orzo Salad! A favorite for me (and all my friends). I got this recipe for my great friend Amy and have made it often.  The best things: you can make it a head of time; its great leftovers & although it takes a little bit of time, its totally easy!

Ok…. the recipe!  Enjoy!!!

ORZO Salad

500g package uncooked orzo (3cups)
1/2c. white wine vinegar
1/4c. reg. or grainy mustard
2tbsp honey
2tsp salt
2/3c. olive oil
2c. frozen peas
1/2c. chopped fresh dill
4 green onions
6oz pkg baby spinach, chopped
1c. fresh grated parm. or crumbled feta

Cook orzo. In a small bowl, whisk vinegar with mustard, honey & salt.
Then, slowly whisk in oil. When orzo is cooked drain well and place in
large bowl.  Add half the dressing and stir to coat.  Refrigerate,
stirring occasionally to cool.  Cook peas in boiling water for 3
minutes, drain, then rinse under cold water to cool.  Chip dill,
spinach & onions.  When orzo is cool, stir in peas, onions, dill &
spinach   Pour remaining dressing over salda & stir well, just before
serving.  Sprinkle with cheese. Enjoy!!

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