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Review: Goose Loves Lamb

Last May as we left a photoshoot with our beloved photographer Karen of Mckinnon Photography, the family that was next for her mini-sessions arrived and Karen was quick to introduce us, and couldn’t believe we didn’t know each other – she felt we’d have a lot in common!  We casually said our hello’s, I admired the adorable leggings and headbands her daughters were wearing and we went on our way.

A few weeks later in June, my mom and I went to an evening market that our downtown held over the summer months and again I met Mikhaila at her table full of adorable organic leggings/hats/headbands/hoodies! I was in love.  This was my 1st introduction to Goose Loves Lamb.  Having a hard time deciding what to get, I settled on 2 pairs of leggings.  They were adorable, soft and I knew I was going to be in love!  I was so grateful she was local, and we had such similar taste. IMG_4893 IMG_4899


These 2 pairs of legging just started the twins collection of Goose Loves Lamb in our life.  I was so happy with how adorable they were, how comfy for the twins they were, allowed movement and weren’t constricting, they are made from organic cotton and wash well.  (FYI: Organic cotton fabrics are printed with water-based dyes, and to reduce fading it is recommended to wash on delicate with phosphate-free detergent and tumble dry on low or hand to dry) … I’ll be honest, I am terrible at washing instructions – and although the leggings did fade a bit, it didn’t affect the integrity of the leggings.  Just now did I actually pack up those 1st pairs! The wore them for 8 months!! That’s a good bang for your buck in my mind.

A month later, when I knew I loved her stuff, I decided to order the twins hoodies & legging sets.  She offers custom orders, and I was able to choose which combo of fabrics I wanted! Which sounds lovely, except when I wanted them all!  Our order arrived and I was in love! They were adorable and so cozy!

Goose Loves Lamb

From this point on, Goose Loves Lamb has been added to the twins wardrobes with each size, and new styles.  Even almost a year later these are our go to outfits for them.  Comfy, cute, and practical!  And for this twin mama – I count that a win!

One thing that Goose Loves Lamb offers is seasonal prints and designs.  So for Halloween, Christmas, & Valentine’s day she released a set of limited edition prints!

IMG_5854IMG_7559 IMG_8248 IMG_8609 IMG_9727

I can rave enough about how great her products are and how lovely she is to work with.  If you are looking for something for your own babies, or for a perfect baby gift, I couldn’t recommend this product more.  I love support local, small business, but I also love buying quality things that are going to work well for my family and kids.  Definitely check her out.



I’m already getting excited for spring – rompers & shorts! Hello, sunshine & summer!


Please note: All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, I just love sharing when I have found something that I love and has worked well for my family.  xx – Keltie 


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Nap Time Adventures

Yesterday marked that the twins are now 15 months.  Whoa, where has the time gone.  We were discussing with friends that I actually have a very foggy recollection of this time last year as I had 3 month old twins, was sleep deprived and finding my way.

Today I have 15 month old twins, still am sleep deprived (because I stay up too late, gah!) and am finding my way.

I’m learning, that I will always be learning.  We get into a good routine or schedule or for a fleeting moment think “We’ve got this figured out” only for things to change.  Someone gets sick, or we go away, or our day is mixed up for appointments, someone has a growth spurt… the list goes on.  But as soon as we find ourself in a routine, we are also changing that exact routine.

Enter: Naps.

It was a big deal to get the twins on a 3 nap schedule.

Then they transitioned to 2.  Drama, drama, drama!

Now, they are dipping their toes in the option of only having one nap! Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to this and the freedom it will bring, that I would actually be able to leave the house during the day without rushing back for naps, or I could enjoy the quiet of one long nap.  But for now, we are fighting the desire to be awake, the need to sleep and finding the balance in that.

For example, on Tuesday’s we go to a ladies bible study in the morning (the twins get to play with the other kids), which means Tuesday’s they don’t have their morning nap. It also means that the drive home, I am singing, making silly noises, passing back snacks and drinks, and trying to keep them away on the 15 minute drive home, so that when we arrive home, they can have a quick lunch and go to bed.  Should they fall asleep on that drive, they somehow believe they have napped, and no longer need it, which I disagree.  But, because Tuesday is a one nap day, on Wednesday, I find we stay home in the morning, so they can have 2 naps, they often need it.  So for every day that is successfully a one-nap day, a 2 nap day seems to follow.

However, yesterday was a one nap day, the last 2 hours of the day were rough.  Nothing could go right, and we just got through.  Thankfully there were breaks in the tears and meltdowns during bathtime and bedtime stories and bottles.  But by 6:30p.m we put them to bed, we were done and so were they. Normally the twins go to bed between 7-7:30.  Today we had church, so traditionally, I wake them up early, so I can get them down for a nap before we go.  But they slept till 8 (and I was too tired to wake up) and we thought we’d try 2 days in a row of 1 nap.  The morning went well, lunch was a little touch and go, but they were more than ready for their nap.  Again today, the afternoon was full of tears and meltdowns at various points for various reasons, but we made it to bedtime…. at 6:30p.m.

I sit here tonight thinking about our day tomorrow – we have friends visiting so we’ll get out for a hike or adventure, and I’m trying to plan with our new “unknown schedule” in mind.  For me, letting go and just going with the flow is hard, I like routine and control, so even this small changes can throw me off.  But instead of waking them early, or trying to control things, I’m trying to let tomorrow unfold as it will.  With one nap or two, with catnaps in the car, with naps in the stroller or the carrier.

This schedule is ever changing, always evolving, and every time it does I learn a little more about myself, my babies teach me a little more about them, and we adjust a little quicker together.  I’m learning it doesn’t have to be perfect, exact or right, it can just be what it is, and each day can be new and different.  So, even with our changing nap schedule,  I will find the joy in our adventures, and the laugher amongst the chaos.

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Twins Birth Story

I realized that I never did a blog post on the twins birth story, and felt it was time.  Around the twins 1st birthday, I reflected a lot on their birth, and to be honest, I had to process a lot of it.  It was a good birth, and things went well, but I realized there were also some very tense times, and things that could have gone a bit better, or maybe different is the better term.  Anyway, here we go.

On Tuesday December 2nd I was 36weeks along, and had my weekly OB appointment.  Up until this point, I loved being pregnant, I actually felt pretty good, but the 35-36 week changed.  I wasn’t able to sleep and was getting more and more uncomfortable.  I struggled with my comfort vs. more time in the oven for them, as I knew that was best, and even if I didn’t go into labour, at most I had 2 more weeks to go.  I could do it.

However, at my appointment when my OB asked how I was doing, I fell apart and told her that if we could induce next week (at 37 weeks) that would be best, I was exhausted and emotional.  She said she would see what she could do, but made no promises or plans.  I do live in a small town, and there is no NICU at our hospital, so they want to make sure they are doing what’s best for everyone. I could deal with that.  I made a chiropractor appointment for that week and was going to keep myself busy with visits with friends, and watching Gilmore Girls (my favorite!)

On Thursday December 4th, I didn’t sleep well at all, and that day was feeling pretty tired.  I decided to cancel my chiropractic appointment and would just head to my friends house for our weekly ladies coffee.  While I was getting ready, another friend called to see how I was doing, and while I was on the phone my water broke, around 9a.m.  When I informed Phil that my water broke, and he asked what do we do now, I actually responded with “I don’t know”.  Up until 2 weeks prior, the twins were breach and transverse, so I figured it would be a c-section, unless they flipped, but that far along in a twin pregnancy it’s unlikely.  For whatever reason, I decided not to really learn all the things about protocol when you go into labour, as I didn’t think I would on my own.  At 34 weeks when we learned the twins were both head down, I called my doula, and we had a crash course on vaginal delivery and she assured me she’d walk me through everything.  I felt confident that woman are made to do this, and that we had an excellent care team, one way or another the babies would be earthside, so I tried not to worry too much.   So, Phil suggested that I call my doctor as well as my doula letting them know.   After speaking to them, it was time for Phil and I to get ready to head to the hospital. We arrived shortly after 11a.m and were admitted.

The OB on call came and met us and checked things out.  My water did in fact break, I was in labour, and they were going to decide what the care plan would be for us.  After some discussion they felt that because there was no paediatrician that day, and maternity being quite busy that it would be best to transfer me to a bigger hospital.  Plus the fact that I was 36weeks + 3 days, it would be beneficial to be near a NICU just in case.  So, we waited for AirAmbulance to come and get us.  We organized how our car would get there, who would watch the dogs, and Phil made a trip home for some extra things.  We waited, and waited, and waited.   Unfortunately, due to weather they weren’t able to come and get us, so we settled in for the night, and they hoped we could be transferred in the morning.  With that we went to bed and were going to try and get some sleep, because the next day we would be meeting our sweet babies.

We had just laid down, and started to dose off, when things changed and I went into active labour.  The nurse hooked me back up to the monitors and I was indeed in labour, back labour at that, which is so uncomfortable.  Around 2a.m the OB came in to see how things were going, I was 7cm dilated and was no longer going to be transferred and would be delivering locally.  The anesthetist came in and I received my epidural and now we went to sleep once again to rest as much as we could before meeting our babies the next day.


Keeping everyone up to date and how things are progressing


Nothing like seeing two tables set up to really realize there are 2 babies on the way. 

Around 7a.m on December 5, 2014,  the OB came in to see how things progressed over night, and to everyones surprise I was fully dilated.  He said to continue to rest, and was going to figure out who our team would be, and book the OR for delivery, for now, we waited.  Around 10am it was time to start pushing. My doula (who was amazing and I would highly recommend) arrived and it was time to learn how to push.  At first the nurse guided me when to push, but it didn’t take long for me to feel the urge and inform those around me that I needed to push.  I did have an epidural, but I could feel much of what was going on.  I pushed for 2 hours however,  with twins, when pushing, all the pressure doesn’t go to baby A, but is distributed between them, so even though it was progressing, it was taking longer than it might have had it been a singleton.

At noon, our OB came in and asked if we were ready.  He felt confident we could deliver in labour and delivery, and wouldn’t have to go to the OR.  The doors opened and like a production and the team entered.  There was a doctor and nurse for each baby, the OB, and a nurse for me, a nurse overseeing the room, and an extra nurse for the doctors assistance.  Plus, me, hubby and our doula.  It was a full room, everyone introduced themselves and it was time.

With the help of a vacuum, our son was born at 12:21p.m, weighing 5lbs7oz and was 18.5″ long!  We did not know what we were having, but my whole pregnancy, I did feel that he was a boy.  Before the OB was able to break baby B’s water, she flipped and was breach, and unfortunately her little arm was stuck above her head.  The OB tried to sweep her arm down, but couldn’t get it down, and she needed to be delivered, as they were having a harder time finding her heartbeat with all the commotion.  So she was delivered breech, and on the way out, she broke her little arm, but at 12:26p.m. we welcomed our sweet girl into the world, weighing 6lbs11oz and was 19.75″ long.  They were here, after years of infertility, years of prayers, and hopes and waiting, our babies were here.  A moment that was so beautiful for us.


Our little man


Our baby girl 


Our 1st family photo with the twins

We stayed 5 days at the hospital – between the little Miss needing glucose stabilization and then little Mr having low bilirubin levels, but soon enough we were on our way home.  It was an emotional few days (the standard day 3 being the worst) but everything went well.  I’m grateful for all the doctors and nurses that cared for us.  There are some things I do think could have gone different, and sometimes it makes me sad that I didn’t advocate better for myself, but overall, we did what was best for us and the babies at the time with the information we knew then.

They were so tiny, this photo they are snuggled together in one bassinet.


Heading home! It was a big day to be discharged and going home to start our life as a family of 4.  You’ll notice little Miss has her arm all tucked in, she has to have it splinted to herself for a few weeks while her humorous bone healed up.


It was the most empowering and amazing thing I had accomplished in my life up until that point (I would say nursing twins is a close second – another post on that one day).  I felt strong, beautiful, exhausted and extremely in love.  I was a mother.


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Twice the fun!

Double Trouble.

Hands Full.

Better you, than me.

Nice that you are done all at once.

Are they natural?


Yes… They are double trouble, but it’s also twice the fun!  Seeing the interaction between these two since they day they were born is worth all the trouble.  How they follow each other around.  Want to be touching when they have their bottles, or held hands while they nursed.  How they’ll share their food off their trays, already knowing what the other likes better (and what they can take for themselves).  How they’ll hurt each other, but then try to make it better.

My hands are full.  I currently have my hands full of 45lbs of baby! That IS a lot to carry around. But in fact, my heart is fuller.  The joy I have of interacting with these two is amazing – so see how unique they are yet at similar they are.  It amazing me every day, that I carried two babies within me!!

Better me that you, for sure!  It takes someone special to have twins – you are stretched in ways you never imagined.  But it is something that I would never change (most days!).

I may be all done having children, but I may not.  Just because I had two at once, or the fact that I had one boy and one girl does not equal that my child bearing days are automatically over. They may be, but God may have other plans for our family too.  Time will tell.

Are they natural?  Are yours?  I know what people are eluding to and frankly, it’s none of your business.  These two beauties are ‘natural’ they have heartbeats, and beautiful eyes, strong hands, and chubby feet.  I carried them in my womb for 36weeks, and felt them kick and interact then.  I prayed for them before they were born, and praised God when we learned of them.

Having twins is an adventure like non-other I’ve been on.  The most challenging and amazing thing I have done!  It’s not how I saw my journey into motherhood, but I also didn’t know how amazing this could really be.

So, my heart is full (as are my hands) with double trouble and twice the fun!  Every day I have two hugs to give, to kisses to receive and 4 beautiful eyes to look into and wonder who these precious little people will become.

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Life with Twins: Nap-time

We all know that sleep in imperative to life.  I never realized how good I had it before the twins.  I enjoyed naps, I had long luxurious sleeps, in clean pajamas (and clean sheets!).  I went to bed when I wanted to, and most of the time, was ready to wake up (because I had an appropriate amount of sleep).

Then I got pregnant.

By the end of my pregnancy, moving my whale of a belly from one location to the next was a work out, which in the end, left me winded and I had to pee. Which was my next olympic event. But, I digress.

From the beginning, with the twins, it’s always been, when one sleeps, the other sleeps, when one’s awake, so is the other.  Typically it works.  Often one is sacrificed to maintain the schedule.  But it works. Until sleep regressions. Or teething.  Or being sick. Or because they simply decided that today why would they sleep.

Our daytime sleep had been pretty awesome for quite a while.  Yay me! But lately, the twins are in these hyper-sensitive light sleeps which are so easily interrupted.  Typically they are managing the “if one is awake, the other is awake” on their own… great right? No. Because one might wake up after a mere 20 minutes, and who only wants a 20 minute nap? Not me. (neither to they, but they seem to forget that).

Today I successfully got them down for their morning nap within 10 minutes of eachother.  It was glorious, all I heard was the hum of the fan over the monitor, my favorite morning sound.  I was just sitting down to enjoy my cup of coffee and read my book.  Bliss. Today was starting off right.

Then the hubs came in the back door (which is allowed!), and the dogs barked (which usually doesn’t matter, and actually usually they don’t), but today….  the blissful sound over the monitor quickly changed to cries…. from both… after a mere 37 minutes.  Too soon.

Let’s be logical for 1 minute.  This was no fault of anyone. Daytime sleep has been crummy. They have been light sleepers.  I know this. I’m a calm-collected mama.

Now, let’s be real.  Me to hubs: “Seriously? You knew they were asleep, you couldn’t have remembered to take your coffee with you as to not make the dogs bark and wake the babies?!”   Hubs to me: {blank look of confusion, as I come into the house all the time}.

Not my finest moment.

I like to think of myself as a calm, loving, patient person.  Which I am.  But this other side comes out after sleepless nights, and not getting “my” time during the day.  The side that’s quick to be mad and lay blame because my perfect morning was crushed.


I’m learning to roll with it. Not the easiest thing, but trying to get better.  Hubs is an amazing support, and does so much to help me out always.  The dogs bark.  It’s life.  And hopefully next week the babies sleep better. And if not then, I hold onto the fact that when they are 5 we won’t be having daytime naps, so I’ll be worrying about a whole different basket of things.

In my Instagram worthy life, the photo this afternoon that was posted of me sleeping with my man cub.  Precious. Calm. Loving.  That’s true too. That did happen and I loved every moment of that 45 minute sweaty nap with him, listening to his deep breaths, and watching him sleep smile.  I cherished it.

Naptime snuggles with the mancub

But a mere 5 hours before, I was so wound up by their lack of sleep.  Mama-hood is hard.  Whether you a mama to one, two, or many! Singletons or multiples! It’s hard. But it’s beautiful.  In one day we can feel such an array of emotions that make us feel like we should be admitted, but its a beautiful thing.

Amongst this crazy, the hard days, the long nights… when I look at those precious babies that were entrusted into my care, into my heart, I am grateful.  My heart is exploding for love for them… especially when I spy on their sleeping faces at night.  My heart is full.

Until tomorrow morning when nap time doesn’t go as planned……


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