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Mama’s Favorite Things: Lush

For as long as I can remember I have always been a lover of baths.  As a kid, I preferred having a bath over a shower, and as an adult, I still find the joy in a relaxing, quiet bath.  Especially now since having twins!

Years ago, when Lush first came out, I had heard of it, but was intimidated to go in and try it out.  But, once visit to Nanaimo with my friend, who took me in an bought me my 1st bath bomb, I was hooked! (Thanks Kimmy, you’re the bestest!)

Since this time, I have enjoyed many Lush baths… and consider myself a “Lushy”.  It’s a standard, birtday, Christmas or everyday gift for me, and one that is most appreciated.  I love them displayed in my bathroom, and adore everything about them! The look, smell, and of course the baths that come with.

Today while in Nanaimo, I stopped at Lush and restocked!  I’m excited for my new collection, and can’t wait to enjoy the many bath’s to come!

If you haven’t tried Lush before – I so recommend it! You won’t be disappointed (My go-to’s are: Butterball, Avobath, Honeybee, &  Comforter Bubble Bar)

If you too are a Lush-y, what are you favorite products to use?


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