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DIY: laundry detergent

For the past couple months my Facebook feed had become full of Young Living Essential Oil posts. People loving them for their families and using them for all sorts of things.  A close friend of mine invited me to her place for an information 101 night and it really got me thinking that I would love to introduce these into my home.  Partly for the diffuser and lovely smells, as I don’t burn candles much anymore and because I was intrigued if they could really help support my families immune system and other areas in our life.

One thing I’ve been most excited about was being able to make laundry detergent! My friend had made some and has loved it.  Hubby looked up the ingredients that I was using and they are all found in current detergents (i.e.: tide) and from we have read and researched safe for our hE machines.

I also am so excited to have purchased wool dryer balls which will help decrease dryer time and I can add a couple drops do essential oils to make things smell nice too.

Laundry Detergent

1.5cup Baking Soda

1.5cup washing Soda

1cup Borax

1/2cup Epsom Salt

2tbsp Salt

10 drop Essential Oil ( I used purification and lemon)

 Blend in food processor until smooth. Store in glass airtight container. Use 1-2tbsp per load.

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#storyofmotherhood – LilyJade Giveaway

Head on over to my friend Jessica’s of Rugged Rooster Creations  blog for a chance to enter a giveaway for a Lily Jade bag!  They are awesome bags, and if you could win one, even better! I have had one for a few months now, and LOVE it! Plus I’ve already been eyeing up others if I ever were to win one 😉

So, here is my #storyofmotherhood

When you are young and fall in love, and get engaged, and get married, you start to think about how the other milestones in your life will unfold.  We discussed baby names, I collected small items for my hope chest for the day when we would welcome our first baby into our family, and eventually our second, after that we’d see if we’d have anymore.  After a year of marriage we decided it was time to start trying for a baby. We would hopefully be pregnant by the fall and have a spring baby, around our 2nd anniversary.

Except, we didn’t get pregnant.

For 5 long years we didn’t get pregnant.  Month after month. Cycle after cycle. We waited.  We prayed. We cried. We longed. We grieved. We wondered.

Finally, we were pregnant. It was amazing, and scary. Something we longed for, but after so long of it not happening, something I didn’t know how to rejoice in.  I felt a fear of saying it out loud for it might not be real.  But it was.

At our 7 week scan, we were in for our 2nd surprise – TWINS!  Not one, but two babies were growing.

I had a wonderful pregnancy, and all things considered did really well being pregnant with the twins.  No bed rest, no concerns, no preterm labour.  Just pregnant with two healthy babies.

We welcomed our sweet babies in December and 2014 and my journey of motherhood has continued.

I don’t think my story is just the past 16 months with the twins and the ups and downs that have come with that.  The story started when I longed for these babies, before I even knew who they were.  When I prayed for them, and prayed for my mothers heart to be prepared for their arrival.

I have felt more love and joy when playing and looking at these two beautiful babies and have been beyond blessed by them.  I have also had really hard days, when I wonder why we prayed for children so hard, when I’m exhausted, and emotional, and feel like i’m doing everything wrong.   I have loved the days when I see them learning and exploring, making friends, trying new things, becoming little people.  I have dreaded days of sickness, and late nights and early mornings when there isn’t enough coffee.

Motherhood is beautiful. Motherhood is hard.  Motherhood is such an individual experience, and one that is a journey that will be ever changing and ever growing.

I am lucky and blessed to have this beautiful #storyofmotherhood.

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Review: Soleil Handcrafted

Over the past 16 months, I have developed quite a collection of teething necklaces.  The thing is, I love to wear necklaces, and actually love fun bold jewelry, but that didn’t work so well with little hands and mouths, so I started investing in some great silicone and wood teething necklaces.

A couple months ago, I came across Soleil Handcrafted who is a local artisan who is making beautiful teething necklaces and delicious hand poured candles.  Y’all know my love of supporting small and local so I was excited to order my 1st necklace from her.  The 1st one I purchased was her Beachy Keen necklace, and it seriously reminded me of the beach – the wood beads combined with the turquoise (my favorite) and cream was so beautiful. It’s super long and goes with everything.


I wanted to get a mommy & me set for me and the Little Miss, so choose this adorable set.


Lastly, I couldn’t resist the blush and a new candle! The smells are amazing – the candles however are for local folks, as she doesn’t ship them.

I’ve really loved the style and how they have worn, the babies are have been teething heavily again, have really enjoyed chewing on them, and wearing them.  They have a safety clasp that comes undone if pulled on, but not so easily that you’ll worry about your necklace falling off.

She just recently has added new colors to old favorites, so there are even more options to choose from.  Be sure to check out her page,  she has some exciting things happening!!


*These opinions and thoughts are completely my own – I love to share things that I have found and loved*

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Review: Goose Loves Lamb

Last May as we left a photoshoot with our beloved photographer Karen of Mckinnon Photography, the family that was next for her mini-sessions arrived and Karen was quick to introduce us, and couldn’t believe we didn’t know each other – she felt we’d have a lot in common!  We casually said our hello’s, I admired the adorable leggings and headbands her daughters were wearing and we went on our way.

A few weeks later in June, my mom and I went to an evening market that our downtown held over the summer months and again I met Mikhaila at her table full of adorable organic leggings/hats/headbands/hoodies! I was in love.  This was my 1st introduction to Goose Loves Lamb.  Having a hard time deciding what to get, I settled on 2 pairs of leggings.  They were adorable, soft and I knew I was going to be in love!  I was so grateful she was local, and we had such similar taste. IMG_4893 IMG_4899


These 2 pairs of legging just started the twins collection of Goose Loves Lamb in our life.  I was so happy with how adorable they were, how comfy for the twins they were, allowed movement and weren’t constricting, they are made from organic cotton and wash well.  (FYI: Organic cotton fabrics are printed with water-based dyes, and to reduce fading it is recommended to wash on delicate with phosphate-free detergent and tumble dry on low or hand to dry) … I’ll be honest, I am terrible at washing instructions – and although the leggings did fade a bit, it didn’t affect the integrity of the leggings.  Just now did I actually pack up those 1st pairs! The wore them for 8 months!! That’s a good bang for your buck in my mind.

A month later, when I knew I loved her stuff, I decided to order the twins hoodies & legging sets.  She offers custom orders, and I was able to choose which combo of fabrics I wanted! Which sounds lovely, except when I wanted them all!  Our order arrived and I was in love! They were adorable and so cozy!

Goose Loves Lamb

From this point on, Goose Loves Lamb has been added to the twins wardrobes with each size, and new styles.  Even almost a year later these are our go to outfits for them.  Comfy, cute, and practical!  And for this twin mama – I count that a win!

One thing that Goose Loves Lamb offers is seasonal prints and designs.  So for Halloween, Christmas, & Valentine’s day she released a set of limited edition prints!

IMG_5854IMG_7559 IMG_8248 IMG_8609 IMG_9727

I can rave enough about how great her products are and how lovely she is to work with.  If you are looking for something for your own babies, or for a perfect baby gift, I couldn’t recommend this product more.  I love support local, small business, but I also love buying quality things that are going to work well for my family and kids.  Definitely check her out.



I’m already getting excited for spring – rompers & shorts! Hello, sunshine & summer!


Please note: All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, I just love sharing when I have found something that I love and has worked well for my family.  xx – Keltie 


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But First, Coffee

Coffee has always been a part of my life, it just looks different now.  Before the twins, coffee included quiet time at Starbucks or my one favorite local shops, sipping on a latte, enjoying the warmth, taste, ambiance – feeling it was worth the $5 that was spent.  Often with that coffee also came time with friends.  Talking about life. Celebrating life’s triumphs, and going through life’s sorrows.  It was something that brought us together.  Something that could bring a calm.

Now, coffee still has many of those same feelings.  But, since the twins arrival, it looks different. Now, I long for my 1st cup of coffee in the morning, it’s the start of the day.  But instead of having it right away, I usually wait until the morning chaos dies down – either the twins are playing, or they have gone for a nap, so I can sit and enjoy it.  Drinking my coffee is a time to think – prepare for the day maybe, reflect on the day past, catch up with friends over morning texts.  For Christmas, my family got me a Keurig and I love it – not because I was incapable of making a pot of coffee, but in those moments when I had time to sit down and enjoy one, I wanted it to be fresh & hot.

There are so many memes about coffee and motherhood, and I find many of them true.  Some day’s I really do need an IV drip of coffee, others just my one cup will do, and some I lie in bed regretting that cup I had too late in the day.  But every day, however it starts, there is comfort in my routine of a quiet hot cup of coffee to have time to reflect and ponder.

So, for today…. but first, coffee.

but first, coffee

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The Twins Birth: Why I hired a Doula

When I was pregnant, I only had about 3 weeks before we found it was twins and our pregnancy jumped into the high-risk category.  At the time I decided that I would stick with an OB for my care, we felt that was the best decision for us and the twins.  I had a great relationship with my OB and actually loved going to see her (to be honest, after the twins were born, I missed it even).  I never actually considered hiring a Doula until much later into my pregnancy.  With it being a twin pregnancy, I knew the birth would be full of lots of people, why would I need someone else.  Plus, for much of my pregnancy the only way out was via c-section due to their positions.

However, when my dear friend Andrea of In Bloom Births – Doula Services was training to become a doula, I learned a lot of the value of them and how much they could bring to a birth.  Since she was having her own baby just a few months before mine, we were unsure if she would be able to attend my birth or not, but left the door open, and she helped me with so much leading up to my birth.  Especially when at 34 weeks, it turned out a vaginal birth was an option since both babies were now head down.

Having a doula, isn’t having someone who will be telling you what to do, or making decisions for you.  But having a doula, is having someone support you, your partner and your birth.  Having a doula isn’t someone judging you, pushing you do to something you don’t want to do.  But having a doula is having someone help you and push you to accomplish something you desire to.  Having a doula, is someone who can help advocate for you and your partner, and help support you in whatever you need, whatever your birth plan might be.  It’s that extra person who can sit with you, help you, comfort your spouse, relieve your partner when they need a break, and can keep a calm in a room sometimes filled with chaos.

For me and my husband, having a doula meant everything.  Thankfully for us,  it worked out and Andrea was able to attend our birth.  For me, with her there, it meant that I had the support of my husband, and we had the support of Andrea, our doula.  Together they encouraged me, comforted me, and kept me focused.  When Phil needed to sit down between the birth of our son and our daughter, I wasn’t left without someone who knew me, without my support, but he could go and was taken care of, and I was too, by my doula.

Having a doula was empowering.  She believed in me even when I did not.  She believed that my body could, even when I doubted.  She encouraged me, even when I felt weak.  She supported us, even when we didn’t know what kind of support we needed.

Having a doula at our birth was the best decision we made.  If we decide to have any more children, Andrea will be one of the 1st calls I make, to hire her to be a part of our journey.

She is a friend, and it was an amazing moment to have her with us as we welcomed our children into the world, but that day, she became so much more to me.  The respect I hold for her increased as I saw what her calling truly is, what her gift is, and how amazing she is for her clients.  She is an incredible doula.

I couldn’t recommend it more.  For us, it was the right decision.  I know it isn’t for everyone, and that is ok too.  But I encourage you to look into it, because I to never thought I would need a doula, and looking back, I don’t know what we would have done without her.

In Bloom Births

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Twinsies: 1st Sleepover

Last night was a big night in our household.  The Twinsies had their 1st sleepover at gramma and grampa’s house!! P.Daddy turns 30 on Monday, and I wanted to celebrate with our friends, so planned a later evening get-together for once the kiddos were in bed, that we could enjoy the evening sans kids and celebrate the big 3-0.  I had asked my mom if on Saturday morning (today) when the kids woke up I could drop them off for the morning, leaving Phil to sleep and then I could come back home and either go back to bed, or have some at home quiet time – both which was most welcome and rare.  The answer was yes, and we planned for that.

Then, after speaking with my dad, they asked if they could take the twins overnight, to really give us a night off! Woohoo!  Of course we said yes.  The twins are no longer nursing, sleeping fairly well at night, and are super comfortable with my parents. Plus, if it all goes bad, its one night, and we are 5 minutes away.

I didn’t realize the range of emotions I would feel though after saying yes to the sleepover.  As much as I have longed for a night without them, some adult conversation uninterrupted by little voices, or being able to sleep deeply without listening for someones cries; I have also found purpose and comfort in the fact that for the last 14.5months, I have have been their person.  I’m the one they need. I know what their different cries, expressions, actions mean.  I know their schedule better than anyone.  I know how to cuddle them just right.  I’m the one who tucks the blanket cozy around them at bedtime.  Me.

But, I knew that my parents are more than capable, they have so got this! I knew that it was important for Phil and I to be a couple, hang out with our friends and enjoy this time.  I knew that the sleep would be most welcome, especially after the last few weeks of being sick.  It was the exact thing that we needed to do, and I had to let go of control (not my best ability).

This year, I am wanting to find who I am again.  Who am I, when I am not defined as wife or mother.  Those are my favorite roles, of course.  But I also wish to know who I am as an individual.  For the last 5 years I was consumed by circumstance in many ways — 1st infertility; then pregnancy – high risk pregnancy at that; the arrival of the twins – navigating and surviving all the busyness that comes with that.  But now, things have shifted.  The twins have more self-play time, and are finding independence.  During the day, I have time to enjoy a hot tea or coffee while I listen to their interactions.  We can get out easily and do many things.

Last night reminded me, that although Phil and I are very different people compared to who we were before kids, we are still a couple, still need to take care of that.  We are still individuals, and need to take care of that person too.  And, mostly, it reminded me that we have such an amazing community of people in our life.  Friends who we love spending time with, and family who loves us and our kids as much as we do.

So, today, I am enjoying a coffee, and a brownie (leftovers from last nights party). I’m enjoying the sun streaming through the window, and the quiet.  But I am also looking forward to picking up the twins and seeing their bright smiley faces, which I love so much.

Today is a good day. IMG_0467

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Fishless Fish Tacos

This past weekend, we went on our first family get-away! We’ve gone away a couple times since the twins were born, but it was usually to visit people/for appointments/for a funeral — this time, it was for us, a family holiday – 4nights/5days away from home.  One of our favorite places in the world is Tofino/Ucluelet and it was time to take our babies there for the 1st time.  Joining us for a weekend adventure, were good friends of ours and their kids! Our crew (4 adults and 6 kids aged 1-13) found the perfect beach house and settled in for a weekend of sunshine, beachcombing, surfing, hottubbing, delicious food, great visits, laughter and a lot of fun.  Our weekend away warrants it’s own blog post, that will come, but today, today I will share about the fishless fish tacos.

Naturally, when you go to the West Coast, you find fish and chips! Delicious fresh fish and chips.  Or fish tacos!  We had brought groceries for breaksfasts and dinners each day, but were going to eat out for lunch and enjoy the tastes of the west coast.  On Sunday after spending much time at the beach, playing in the waves it was time for a late lunch.  We ventured over to Tacofino where we’ve heard the fish taco’s are to die for – we were excited.  Upon arrival the line up was wrapped around the courtyard, and we were told it’d probably be 1-1.5hour wait time. Sigh.  We decided that we would go to Wildside instead.  Lunch was ordered.

I found a nice picnic table in the sun, and the twins and I saved our spot for when lunch was ready and we could enjoy it together.  Our friends, Ed and Corrie come over with their food – and realized that there was a mishap with their order — what was suppose to be 3 orders of fish tacos (3 tacos per order), was actually just the one order, which meant there was 1 fish taco for each of them and their daughter.   Accepting defeat and not wanting to be in line again, they decided they would just have the one and fries, and that’d be fine for that day.  But before sitting down to eat they had to run back to their van.  I was left at the table with the twins and the fish tacos.

Little mister threw his cup onto the group, and I bent down to retrieve it.  In that exact moment, I heard flapping, and when I sprung up, I saw crows and there was salsa strewn across the table.  I took one look at the tacos and realized what happened. 2/3 fishtacos no longer had fish in them.

Crap. What do I do! How do I remedy this. There was nothing to be done. I turn around to watch Ed walking toward me simply saying “you won’t believe what happened”.   He couldn’t believe it, and this started the fishless fish taco saga that would continue for the whole weekend.

Monday, a new day a new adventure.  It was surfing day! After some awesome surf lessons, and beach time, we were going back to Tacofino to try again, surely the line would be better. No. Not at all, and we were all hungry and ready for lunch.  Thinking fast, Phil and I offered to grab fish & chips from Jiggers in Ucluelet and then we’d head back to our beach house and eat there.  Perfect.  We drove back to Ucluelet, and pull into the parking lot, only to find the food truck is not there and were closed. NO! There were no other fish and chips place that we could find. We drove back to the beach house and waited for our friends return.

I heard them pull up, peeked my head out the door and once again said “you wont believe what happened” … In disbelief he said, when he drove by the place he did think it looked closed but didn’t want to accept that.  So, again, no fish.

Tuesday, we were heading home on Tuesday, but since we haven’t had the fish tacos we were going to try once more!  We even looked online at the hours and confirmed they were open.  We planned on arriving early to hopefully miss the lines, but were prepared that we would wait if we had to.  We packed up and headed out on our last adventure.  We were about 5 minutes behind our friends, when I get a text saying “you wont believe it” ….

They were closed.  CLOSED!

This concluded our fishless fish taco adventure.  5 days on the west coast, and 3 failed attempts, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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When sickness strikes

Our house was hit with major cold-flu bugs! First the man was feeling sick, then the twins went down, and lastly mama was hit.  Terrible combo.

Taking care of sick kids is hard enough; their extra snuggly, fussy, and needy.  They can’t really tell you what they want, they just know they don’t feel good.  Lots of mama time, not enough sleep, and trying to keep one year olds hydrated is hard.  Both of them ended up with high fevers, and were just miserable.

On top of this, the hubs and I were feeling downright awful too. Bleh!  Pre-twins, if we were sick, we’d drink tea, sleep, be cozy and get over it.  Post-twins, we take care of the sick babies, and hope-pray-will ourselves to be better.  I’m still waiting for that.  And if we don’t get sick again this winter, I’d for sure be okay with that!

This weekend we are heading to the West Coast for our 1st real vacation as a family of 4.  I’m hoping that everyone is feeling better and we can totally relax and enjoy!

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Favorite Things: Arbonne

Throughout the year my love of make-up wanes and waxes depending on where I’m at in my life.  Sometimes I can’t get enough, and other times, I can’t even find time (or desire) to do anything – usually I fall somewhere in the middle.  Growing up my mom taught my sister and I the importance of finding our “5 minute face” – that way it wasn’t a chore if we want to quickly freshen up.  It was quick, easy and it really can make you feel a little better.

My 5 minute face, typically includes a BB cream, bronzer, blush, mascara and a bit of eye shadow.  Nothing fancy, but it’s a quick little pick me up (and with the twins, trust me, I need this some days!)

But sometimes, I want my 15 minute face – I really never spend more than 30 mins in the bathroom on my hair and make-up so my face can’t take all that long!  When I do this, there’s fancier eyeshadow, and more contouring and highlighting!

I’m on a make-up binge right now, where I’m enjoying new techniques, updating my make-up bag (out with the old and in with the new!) and it’s been a fun hobby to play around.

But, what I love most is what I use under my make-up.  Last fall, my friend introduced me to the Arbonne Facial line, and I’m hooked!! It has seriously made my skin so much better – I’m so happy with it – even when I have my no make-up days, I feel prouder of my complexion than I have most of my adult life.

The products which are my go to’s:

Fc5 Cleanser and Toner; rE9 Eye Cream; rE9 Night Cream & Fc5 daycream.   I have a few others I use including an exfoliator and a weekly masque, but these are the “I can’t live without” – the eye cream is amazing – especially for these twin-mama-almost-30 tired eyes!

If you are looking for a consultant and want to try some things out, I can direct you to my distributer who would help you out and hook you up!

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