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A Beautiful Life!

I have a beautiful life.


I am healthy. I am loved. I am happy.


Often, through the mundane routines that become ‘life’ we forget about the life we are living, we get lost in schedules, plans, e-mails and being everything to everyone, that we forget that our life is beautiful. My life is beautiful.

Recently, I had many moments of clarity to make me cherish the life I have, and to remind of the desire I have to live each moment, be present each day, and make the most of it, whatever ‘it’ is.


I am blessed.


5 years ago, Phil and I, for our 1st anniversary, decided to have a photo session with Karen McKinnon of McKinnon Photography.  Our hope was that she would capture us just the way we were.  We chose the location of a park that we spent a lot of time at while we were dating, and it was perfect.  We were in our element, it was playful, joyous, and fun.  It was us.  Who we were at 22, celebrating that we had started our life together and were celebrating our 1st anniversary, celebrating that we had been together for nearly 4 years, celebrating love! (If you want to see the blog post from that session click here)

Since then, many things have change, much has not, but one thing remained, my love of Phil, my love of our life.  Some things have gone better than planned, others haven’t gone as planned at all, but we are wandering through this journey of life together and growing as we do.

On May 12, Phil and I celebrate our 6th anniversary, to many its not much time at all, to some its such an accomplishment already, to us, its perfect.  It marks the day that we started our life together, it marks a time in our life where we made a commitment to each other to grow together, and be with each other through the good time and bad, it marks when we became a family.  It marks the best day of my life, marrying my best friend.

Last Sunday, we had Karen photograph us again.  It was different this time.  This time, Karen is more than just a photographer I admire, but she is a friend.  Over the past 5 years, she has become a wonderful friend.  Someone who I have shared many wonderful conversations, laughter and time with, even more, someone who I know will be in my life for many years to come.  When we were discussing our session, I didn’t know really what I wanted, but gave her creative choice and wanted any suggestions, and I am grateful I did.  After photographing my sisters wedding last fall including my family getting ready in my home, she thought that our home was a perfect place to start.  Our home is where we live our beautiful life, where we do nothing together and enjoy the simplicity of it.  Our home is where I have worked to include precious pieces that are representative of our families; photos of our grandparents, my Baba’s china, books from Phil’s childhood all adorn our shelves.  When we were done shooting at our house, we thought it would be neat to revisit the park we were photographed at 5 years ago, but this time was different. This time, it wasn’t just about being playful, but it was about celebrating our beautiful life.  We have changed.  We have grown.  We are different. But, one thing remains, we have a beautiful life.


Tonight, Karen posted our sneak peak…. its perfect.


Click here to see the video she made, its a combination of still and moving pictures, and tells a little of our story.


I love the song she chose to accompany it ~ A Beautiful Life by Justin James, a perfect choice.


This is my beautiful life….


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Europe :: Rome ~ day 1

After 23hrs of travel, 16 hours of flying and 7 hours of layovers, I arrived in Rome, Italy. I’ve never traveled internationally so the trip seemed a little daunting, I also had to find my cousin in Rome. But to my surprise, everything was smooth! Those of you who know my flight history, I am happy to report, I had no delays, missed connections, or any other obscure problems, but safely arrived in Rome on time, as planned. I had a moment of fright when most of those who were on my flight had collected their baggage and I was still waiting, but just when I was starting to worry, my suitcase came around the corner. I came through to arrivals and Katie was waiting for me! Hurray, I made it.

We took a bus back to our b&b, Maison du Julie, which took about an hour, we settled in quick, then went out for dinner. Italian pasta & wine was the perfect ending to a long travel day, and as we sat, it was surreal that here we are in Italy!

This morning, we were up early, so started our day. We decided to find a cafe for breakfast, I had my first caffe latte and it was tasty. After breakfast it was time to start roaming the city. First we saw the colosseum, it’s incredible! The architecture around here is amazing. We then went to Plazzo Venezia there is a tomb of the unknown there, but we didn’t see the changing of the guards, and at churches here you can’t sit on the steps (Katie tried yesterday and they whistle at you to get up). We wandered around some more until we came to the Trevi Fountain. After that we found somewhere for lunch and came home for a little rest.

Post rest, we checked out the Santa Maggiore Cathedral. The intricate design is absolutely amazing inside, there are carvings and details everywhere. It’s quite neat to look at, floor to ceiling art! When we came out it was starting to rain, so we decided gelato was in order. It was delicious! Then we headed back our room for a siesta!

For dinner we found an Italian restaurant, it was quite unique, it had the most random and eclectic selection of decoration. Including, but not limited to, Christmas lights, lot up deer heads, a pig hanging from the garland, photographs, toys, Disney, wine bottles, and giant vats of oil. We laughed when our dinner arrived, Katie’s pizza took up half the table! After dinner it seemed right to try another gelato place so get a true sense of it, again, it was so tasty.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Vatican City, so now, we rest!










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Merry Christmas!!

Keltie Say’s… sorry! I have had posts lined up, but have not sat down and done it.  In the new year I’ll be better!  Mr & I have had quite the fall, and have just been busy beyond belief trying to get through.  We are looking forward to the Christmas break, spending time with family and friends and having time to just ‘be’.

But, I did have one thing to share! In September (I know its early, but effective!) we had our Christmas photos taken.  I dug out all our Christmas lights, made some banners (THANK-YOU Cricut!) and made some instant snow (who knew those random packages would eventually come in handy).  One of my friends has a wood shed, that I thought would be a perfect back drop, and ta-da we were ready!

These photos were on our Christmas card, up on Facebook and I even printed them for our entry way photo collage.  Its very festive and we love it!


So, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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