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DIY: Painted Pink Table

I found the cutest little table the other day when I was downtown.

I decided I wanted to paint in pink as I’ve always wanted a pink piece of furniture in the house!

First I sanded the table (I was very happy that it was in great shape, so didn’t need too much prep work).  I painted 1 coat of primer and then 2 coats of the pink paint.

This is the painted table before I distressed it.

With sandpaper I lightly distressed the edges to give it the worn-vintage look, or a shabby-chic look. 

Then it was time to move it into the house. The perfect place was next to my desk.  I decided to hang some of my grandma’s teacups above it as it suited the look I was going for.  I’m so happy with the finished project and feel like the living room is taking shape and really coming together!


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DIY: Chalkboard Platters

Lately I have really been into using chalkboards for decor around my house and for party decorations.  I find them super cute and classy, but also quite functional.  Today I was on the hunt for silver platters at thrift stores and was pleased to find 7! I found 5 little ones for $2.50 and 2 large ones for $7.

What you need: Silver platters, spray paint, Martha Stewart chalkboard labels (or you can use chalkboard paint), a stand to place the platter on (or you can use ribbon to hang it).

I washed down the platters before I painted them.  You can choose not to paint them and just paint the bottoms with chalkboard paint, but I wanted the painted look for mine.

Choose your spray paint color – it can be whatever you want! I chose ivory because I plan to use these at my sisters wedding and also wanted them to be versatile at home for different uses.

Spray paint the entire platter (especially if you are using the labels as the label doesn’t completely cover the bottom of the platter).

The chalkboard labels can be found at Staples.  I liked the edges for use on the small platters.

I purchased these little stands at the dollar store for $1 for a package of 2, its a perfect way to display the chalkboard platter.

Small chalkboard platters done!  I have the big ones left to do and will post those another time once they are completed.


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