Blogosphere, I apologize for my absence, my internet connection at the hostel in Athens was sketchy at best, and I had hard enough time getting on to e-mail P, let alone write a post.  Then we got on the cruise Monday, and there is no wifi.  I didn’t want to wait until Spain to post again, so here is the latest and greatest, but without photos.

Athens was amazing, the 1st day there we went up to see the Acropollys, it was incredible. It is amazing to me that it only took 9 years to build – that time, the materials used, the detail, it was all incredible.  That day we managed to walk 18,000 steps, and up 70 floors (Thanks Shay for suggesting I bring my fitbit), we opted not to try and beat that the rest of the trip.  We ended off the perfect day with a traditional Greek meal at a restaurant that was recommended to us by a local man.

Sunday we decided to heat out to Piraeus, only to learn that in Greece nothing is open on Sundays except restaurants and pastry shops.  We walked around a lot, but there was a lot less to see.  The weirdest thing that we have found is that the city truly is a different world when store are open or closed.  They have gates over all the doors/windows and grafiti everywhere, it looks so sketchy, but then when they are open, its some of the nicest shopping places I’ve been too.

Monday was the start of our cruise, we were picked up early in the morning and boarded the ship.  Highlights: A mascot dolphin leaped out at Katie when we were boarding, Monica and I laughed so hard. when we were buying our drink cards, we learned they follow American rules, and Katie is 21 in 1.5 months, her face was priceless, and getting to our cabin (which we were upgraded to) and realizing that once the pullout couch was set up there would be zero floor space, we have had our fair share of laughter.

The first land excursion last night was on Mykonos, and it was amazing. What I think of in Greece, white buildings and deep blue seas, I found sea glass and we wandered the maze of streets and enjoyed the evening.  This morning we were in Turkey, at Kusadasi, I learned that you have to bargain a lot, and that they are quite intense of trying to get you in their store. We also learned of a Turkish custom, that the 1st customer of the day (which I was at one store) they offer great deals, and you throw the money on the floor and the shop keeper then rubs it under his chin, its for luck that there are more sales. I was so confused when he asked me to throw my money on the floor, but it was neat. Tonight we were at Patmos, Greece, and saw the Monestery, and also were Revelation was written, it is so beautiful, the frescoes are my favorite, they are amazing to look at.

Its so peaceful here, I love Greece and am so glad we came, tomorrow we will be stopping at Rhodes, then on Thursday, Crete & Santorini, I can’t wait.  I should head off though, but will try and post again soon.

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  1. John

    Great pictures! I trust you have gotten rid of your “sea” legs…. Now on to the wine tour to get your sea legs back!


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