DIY: Coffee Filter Wreath

I love Pinterest, I love that you can search for ideas, tips and tutorials on just about everything!  My sister is getting married in 2 weeks, so I hosted her a bridal shower last Sunday and decided to put some of my DIY pins to work.   This beauty – the coffee filter wreath, was so simple to make and really made an impact at the party.  Everyone couldn’t believe that it was made out of coffee filters and I even had a few people ask if I could make them one too.

DIY Instructions:

What you need:  100 coffee filters (they can be found at the dollar store), a wreath form (I found a cheap wreath at Walmart), hot glue and some flowers for embellishment.

Bring a pot of water to a boil with 4-6 tea bags in it. Add coffee filters to tea until desired color is reached.  Remove filters and let dry (can be hung to dry or laid out on a towel). Once dry grasp center of single coffee filter and pull through opposite hands thumb and forefinger to make the ‘ruffles’.  Glue on to form.  Add embellishments. DISPLAY! So easy, so pretty!!

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