DIY: Wallpaper Shelves

I had these 2 shelves in our living room, they are in great condition and I didn’t want to paint them, but wanted them to be a bit more decorative then plain ol’ boring shelves.  So, I decided to wallpaper the back of the shelves!

First you need to find a wallpaper you love and that will suit your room.  Wallpapers come in a lot of fun patterns and colors and you want to find one that is pre-glued and preferably a dry removal so that when you are done with it later it is easy to remove and doesn’t damage your furniture piece.

I removed the shelves from the unit, and used one of the shelves to measure the width I would need my sections to be.  I laid the paper in the shelf horizontally so that there wouldn’t be a seem in every shelf.

I wet the wallpaper in the sink, you could also use a basin.  Once went place into shelving unit and smooth out – I had a squeegee which helped and I also used a cloth.

Continue putting in the wallpaper until the back is fully covered.  Put shelves back into the unit and your projects is done!  It took my about 40 minutes to complete 2 shelves like this, so its a quick, easy and cheap project that gives a big impact and changes the look of the furniture piece.

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