Dressing Boy-Girl Twins: Flatlay

I love having boy-girl twins! It’s such a neat experience to watch them grow and change into such different little people, yet have so many similarities.  Even though we are raising them the same way at the same time – how different they are, yet how similar they can be.  How ‘boy’ he is, with his “beast mode” as Uncle calls it, when he turns on and just goes, and how dainty she can be, touching everything so gently.  They can also be so tender and kind to eachother, sharing, holding hands and wanting to always be touching!

When we found out it was twins, we knew it would be fun to dress them! You have two to dress! Girls or boys, you can really achieve the “of course their twins” look by dressing them in the same thing (which part of me really hoped for), but I also love the challenge of dressing them to coordinate, and match, but also be girly-boyish.

This last year, I have scoured Instagram, I had a lot of time to be on my phone while nursing, and found some amazing shops! I love to support small business, local business, and find those treasures that are just must haves!

Tonight I was getting laundry folded and as I was piling up the clothes, saw the perfect outfits for them to wear to church tomorrow — so here’s a little idea of how to coordinate your boy-girl twins:


Adorable, right?  I can’t wait for morning to come and to have them dresses up in this!

Shops are:

Rain People ~ Grey Bonnet a handmade on Vancouver Island treasure, this particular one is made from cashmere, and lined in black cotton.

Minimoc ~ these adorable mocs have adorned the twins feet since they were 6 weeks old, and I have loved them ever since I first saw them! They are so soft, and stay on baby toes! In the winter they keep socks on, but in the summer they can be worn without socks! I have loved every pair!

Goose Loves Lamb ~ The twins closest has many pieces from here and they are hands down my favorite! Locally made on Vancouver Island, this mama of 2 is seriously a sewing-ninja and makes the best baby/toddler clothes! Check her out!!! You wont go wrong!

Little Oak & Rose ~ Aren’t these socks to die for? I have been wanting them for months, but was having trouble tracking down where I could get them, but finally did! I love all her little items for girls – Miss A may need a few things!

The dress & pants are from Carters, the white shirt is from The Gap and the precious sweater is handmade by Auntie (the best!!).

Stay tuned for more dressing boy-girl twins posts!

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