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Our original plan was to head up to Verona today, but since we couldn’t find a good train/bus to get us there and back in time that was worth it, we decided to stay in Rome until our flight Friday. It was a beautiful day (we even wore shorts! Which was ok for the morning but we froze in the afternoon), so we decided to buy another bus pass to be able to get around the city. We first headed back out to Vatican City since we had seen lots of cute cafe’s which are great for breakfast and are we ever glad to have made that decision. As our bus was coming up to St. Peter’s we noticed that there was a large crowd and cheering, then we noticed screens and …. The pope! We didn’t get very close, but we did see him from afar, at St. Peter’s in Vatican City! That is very cool.

After this we found a nice looking breakfast spot, maybe too nice, and the menu had no English. We should have known to run. But we stayed, enjoyed, and then got our bill….. Um 72Euro, oh shoot, not what we expected. So since we used up our food budget for the day, it was good we were full.

Once the shock wore off of breakfast we hopped back on the bus to head to the Spanish Steps, which is another important place to see in Rome. It was quite busy down there, so we opted out of going up them, but instead roamed around the markets. I was excited to find a new charm for my bracelet to represent Rome!

I’d also like to mention that while riding the bus, I’ve realized that there are no road rules in Rome. No parking rules (as seen in the photo), there are no lines on the roads, traffic circles may have 2,3,4,5 lanes of traffic, Vespas and bikes sneak in wherever, buses use the gas full throttle, and the breaks just as hard too (must be careful of whiplash

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