Fishless Fish Tacos

This past weekend, we went on our first family get-away! We’ve gone away a couple times since the twins were born, but it was usually to visit people/for appointments/for a funeral — this time, it was for us, a family holiday – 4nights/5days away from home.  One of our favorite places in the world is Tofino/Ucluelet and it was time to take our babies there for the 1st time.  Joining us for a weekend adventure, were good friends of ours and their kids! Our crew (4 adults and 6 kids aged 1-13) found the perfect beach house and settled in for a weekend of sunshine, beachcombing, surfing, hottubbing, delicious food, great visits, laughter and a lot of fun.  Our weekend away warrants it’s own blog post, that will come, but today, today I will share about the fishless fish tacos.

Naturally, when you go to the West Coast, you find fish and chips! Delicious fresh fish and chips.  Or fish tacos!  We had brought groceries for breaksfasts and dinners each day, but were going to eat out for lunch and enjoy the tastes of the west coast.  On Sunday after spending much time at the beach, playing in the waves it was time for a late lunch.  We ventured over to Tacofino where we’ve heard the fish taco’s are to die for – we were excited.  Upon arrival the line up was wrapped around the courtyard, and we were told it’d probably be 1-1.5hour wait time. Sigh.  We decided that we would go to Wildside instead.  Lunch was ordered.

I found a nice picnic table in the sun, and the twins and I saved our spot for when lunch was ready and we could enjoy it together.  Our friends, Ed and Corrie come over with their food – and realized that there was a mishap with their order — what was suppose to be 3 orders of fish tacos (3 tacos per order), was actually just the one order, which meant there was 1 fish taco for each of them and their daughter.   Accepting defeat and not wanting to be in line again, they decided they would just have the one and fries, and that’d be fine for that day.  But before sitting down to eat they had to run back to their van.  I was left at the table with the twins and the fish tacos.

Little mister threw his cup onto the group, and I bent down to retrieve it.  In that exact moment, I heard flapping, and when I sprung up, I saw crows and there was salsa strewn across the table.  I took one look at the tacos and realized what happened. 2/3 fishtacos no longer had fish in them.

Crap. What do I do! How do I remedy this. There was nothing to be done. I turn around to watch Ed walking toward me simply saying “you won’t believe what happened”.   He couldn’t believe it, and this started the fishless fish taco saga that would continue for the whole weekend.

Monday, a new day a new adventure.  It was surfing day! After some awesome surf lessons, and beach time, we were going back to Tacofino to try again, surely the line would be better. No. Not at all, and we were all hungry and ready for lunch.  Thinking fast, Phil and I offered to grab fish & chips from Jiggers in Ucluelet and then we’d head back to our beach house and eat there.  Perfect.  We drove back to Ucluelet, and pull into the parking lot, only to find the food truck is not there and were closed. NO! There were no other fish and chips place that we could find. We drove back to the beach house and waited for our friends return.

I heard them pull up, peeked my head out the door and once again said “you wont believe what happened” … In disbelief he said, when he drove by the place he did think it looked closed but didn’t want to accept that.  So, again, no fish.

Tuesday, we were heading home on Tuesday, but since we haven’t had the fish tacos we were going to try once more!  We even looked online at the hours and confirmed they were open.  We planned on arriving early to hopefully miss the lines, but were prepared that we would wait if we had to.  We packed up and headed out on our last adventure.  We were about 5 minutes behind our friends, when I get a text saying “you wont believe it” ….

They were closed.  CLOSED!

This concluded our fishless fish taco adventure.  5 days on the west coast, and 3 failed attempts, it just wasn’t meant to be.

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One thought on “Fishless Fish Tacos

  1. Cor

    Our efforts ended in laughter but I am still left drooling over the tacos I never had
    We WILL have Tacofino fish tacos one day!!!
    Thanks for capturing this event in words Keltie! Keep writing!!


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