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I love good food.  I love that meals often bring families and friends together.  I love that great conversations are often experienced around great food.  I love the tastes, smells and variety!  So, each Friday (I know this is a day late) I am going to post a favorite recipe!

This week – Orzo Salad! A favorite for me (and all my friends). I got this recipe for my great friend Amy and have made it often.  The best things: you can make it a head of time; its great leftovers & although it takes a little bit of time, its totally easy!

Ok…. the recipe!  Enjoy!!!

ORZO Salad

500g package uncooked orzo (3cups)
1/2c. white wine vinegar
1/4c. reg. or grainy mustard
2tbsp honey
2tsp salt
2/3c. olive oil
2c. frozen peas
1/2c. chopped fresh dill
4 green onions
6oz pkg baby spinach, chopped
1c. fresh grated parm. or crumbled feta

Cook orzo. In a small bowl, whisk vinegar with mustard, honey & salt.
Then, slowly whisk in oil. When orzo is cooked drain well and place in
large bowl.  Add half the dressing and stir to coat.  Refrigerate,
stirring occasionally to cool.  Cook peas in boiling water for 3
minutes, drain, then rinse under cold water to cool.  Chip dill,
spinach & onions.  When orzo is cool, stir in peas, onions, dill &
spinach   Pour remaining dressing over salda & stir well, just before
serving.  Sprinkle with cheese. Enjoy!!

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