Home (nearly)!

After 22hrs I arrived in Victoria. 1 early morning, 1 bus ride, 3 uneventful flights, 1 extremely tight connection and no luggage later I was greeted and embraced by my Phil! After 24 days, I was filled with such excitement to get home, and was thrilled when we arrived 20 mins early.

Phil brought me Starbucks – he’s perfect!!

We waited for my bag (which I know was in Toronto) only to watch the last bag be picked up & the belt turned off. The good news, my bag just wanted to extend its vacation & took a pit-stop in Vancouver, so at least we know where it is and hopefully is delivered to our hotel this morning!

To be honest, I didn’t really care (except all my finds are in there) but I was so happy to be home, so happy to be with Phil that I was just content as is!

We decided to stay at the Sidney Pier and will head home today. Europe adventure = success!!

Here’s a pic of my Phil and me at the airport!


I’ll recap about the adventure once I’m settled at home, but have many stories to share!

Until then…..

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