Ireland :: Giants Causeway Tour

We weren’t staying in Belfast for long, but we knew that we should see the giants causeway. Katie found us a bus tour that was a great price, that would take us to Carrick Castle, the Carrick rope bridge and of course, giants causeway.

Funny thing – all of us get motion sick.

Funny thing – roads in Ireland are not straight and buses merely use lines as suggestions, and never question fitting around corners.

Funny thing – we all were a bit worried we wouldn’t make it through the day.

Good news: no biscuits were tossed, and we made it home safe.

The rope bridge was neat, high, and made my palms sweaty, but I did it. It’s funny. I hate those kind of things, but had no issue climbing up and down the rocks or right near the edge. It was so beautiful out there.

Side note: I wear a fitbit which counts my daily steps, and how many floors you climb, it was Katie’s goal to get 100 so we walked up every possible hill. Who let her be in charge.

Next stop – the causeway. Ok, I’ll be honest, from a distance, it didn’t look all that amazing for all the hype it got, but as we neared it was incredible. So beautiful, all these rocks perfectly formed like stairs almost. It was so neat and since it wasn’t raining we could wander around on them much easier!

At the end of the day we had 127 flights of stairs, 19000 steps, I’d say it was successful. Now for the photos… Enjoy!











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