Irish you were here!

Our last leg of the trip is upon us, we arrived in Belfast, Northern Ireland last night and leave for home on Sunday. Last night we were all beat from the travel day, so once we found our hotel we found a pub near by for dinner. It was relaxing and exactly what we needed. Today was going to be the start of our Irish adventure.



First stop: breakfast, we found a great place that had Irish breakfast, Katie even had beans with hers. It was a good start to our day and gave us the stamina we needed to start the day. Next we were off to the titanic museum. It was amazing. Titanic was built here in Belfast, so the museum takes you through the whole process of building it, follows the lives of some of the passengers and shares how it sunk, and shows the findings of titanic on the ocean floor. I have always enjoyed the history of titanic, but never experienced it like this. It was an incredible museum. Interesting, the shape and height on the museum is what titanic would have been like in the water – HUGE!





After the museum, we had lunch, wandered around the local shops, I found my last pandora charm for my trip and then it was time for a rest. (We love siestas)

This evening we headed out to Queens University, where Katie is studying. It’s a beautiful campus and it was great to see where she’s been this past year. After the tour, we had dinner at Maggie Mays, and then enjoyed a drink at Lawerys. A great ending to a great day. Tomorrow we are off to see the giants causeway, I’m very excited!





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