Let’s start at the beginning

This blog has been stagnant for many months… ok, ok, a year.  But that is going to change!  My dear hubby is going to create for me a new website (YAY!) and my friend Mel, from Mossee & Co. is designing a new logo for Keltie Says – so that can only mean… Hello, blog!

But, it will be different now, because now, I am the proud mama to 9month old boy/girl twins…. you’ll know them as the ManCub and our Little Lady Cub.  They are pretty cute, keep our world busy and full of excitement (and a few tears).  Since having the twins, I have found some amazing products, recipes, how-to’s, organizational tips and all that’s in between and it has reignited my desire to blog and share those things with others.

So, please join me in this little adventure of Keltie Says.

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