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This 1st instalment of Music Monday’s.

I know that this is the same title as my last post, probably because it was much of the inspiration!  I love music, I listen to music all of the time, it’s rare that music is not playing in my house, car, or my iPod.  I find that music is way for me to relax, connect and enjoy.  I am not a huge fan of complete silence, mostly because I get distracted, but music, I love music.

Phil and I have much different music tastes, he has a style and genre he likes, where as for me… I like many things.  I like different music for different moods, different days, heck, different activities.  I also can truly, truly listen to the same album over and over again without getting bored of it.  When I’m cleaning, upbeat, fun music is a must.  When I’m reading, classical or piano music is my fave. But, there are all the in-betweens!

I have my favorite worship playlist, my Disney play list, my company’s over list, my easy listening, and many more.  I am also a big fan of Grooveshark and 8Tracks, online radio that I have been able to be introduced to all sorts of new artists and songs!

Today though, I want to share my newest acquired album – A Beautiful Life by Justin James.  I downloaded it originally because the song A Beautiful Life was played in the slide show that Karen did for us (click here to read).  I decided to buy the whole album and am glad I did.  It’s an easy listening album that seems perfect for spring, I don’t know it fits right now for me.  Lots of romantic songs, which are hitting the spot right now for me.  He has a great voice and musically I enjoy the mix too.

Something that is even more awesome – Justin James is a Canadian artist!  He has a tour coming up this summer, so if you like his music, who knows he might be playing near you!

So, if you are looking for a new album, I’d definitely recommend checking it out!

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