So long, Greece, we have had a great time!

Greece was…… Amazing! When we started talking about places we would want to visit, I knew Greece was the place for me. To be honest, I never saw myself traveling much, and really up until I booked my flight in February, I never saw myself traveling to Europe for 3 weeks sans Phil, but the traveling adventures of MK2 has been nothing short of wonderful.

I truly enjoyed every part of our trip to Greece (well if I’m honest, I didn’t like how I felt after getting off of the cruise, the world was moving for a long time, but to get to see all the Greek islands, it was worth it). I loved the beautiful buildings, the Acropolis, the food, the frozen yogurt, the markets, the language, the people, I loved it all. The whole city would change from day to night, from when shops were opened and closed, so much different than what it’s like be home.

Last post I just had a ton of pictures, so Ill try and recap some moments over the past week.

Our first stop on the cruise was Mykonos, it was so beautiful, exactly what I expected.
Next we visited Kusadasi, turkey, which showed us an interesting world of bartering and being badgered to come into each and every store. They also have a neat traditional for the 1st customer of the day, you throw your cash on the floor and they pick it up and rub it under their chin for luck of more customers and money (you also get the best deal!)
Then we went to Patmos which is we’re we visited an old monastery and saw where Revelation was written.
Rhodes was all castle like, with walls surrounding the city, we did even get to tour the castle, it was so neat!
In Crete, we enjoyed a fish spa, where we sat with our feet in tanks with fish who basically eat your feet. Our feet were very nice after, and it made for great laughter as we are all incredibly ticklish.
Santorini was so beautiful, in the caldera where the ship parked is where the land just broke off and fell to he ocean floor, but so deep that there is only one place for boats to place an anchor!
It was back to Athens yesterday where we spent one more night at the excellent hostel Athenstyle. Took a tour around the city on the hop-on/hop-off bus which was a perfect way to end the evening.
This morning we had a few hours to kill before heading to the airport, so it only seemed fitting to get one more frozen yogurt, and of course, pick up a special baby gift for my newest chosen niece who arrived just a few hours ago!

We are off to Spain today, and will be there until Wednesday, then it’s off to Ireland. I have 9 more days until I go home, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone, how much fun I am having, and how well I’m doing, I am going to enjoy each and every remaining day, but, I am looking forward to seeing Phil, my new niece, my pups, and my family and friends…. Oh and sleeping in my bed, that will be lovely, but until then, I’ll be seeing if the rain stays mainly on the plane in Spain, and trying my first glass of Guinness in Ireland.

Until next time!






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