The best sounds in the world

This last year there are certain things that bring a joy to my heart that I didn’t know was possible before.  One of my very favorite things right now, is the chatter/laughter and goofing that the twins do in their cribs when they wake in the morning.  Recently, I had to rearrange the nursery because Mr. T was pulling the curtain into his bed and trying to peek out the window.  The new arrangement has left the cribs closer together and now they can fully ‘play’ with each other.  In the morning, T is always the 1st one up, and I hear him chat with himself, doze, giggle, doze, and then I hear him try and wake his sister for a rousing game of peek-a-boo.

Finally, she wakes, and the laughter ensues.  These two make each other laugh like none other. They love eachother so much, and already truly have that twin-bond you hear so much about.  I love that they want to not only sit near each other, but typically on each other – or at least touching while having their bottles, or playtime.  That when they are having dinner they will take food off one another’s plate, but also put favorites on the others plate too.

I love that at 1 year old they truly know each other.  They really do have their little best friend built in from the start.  Having twins has stretched and challenged me in ways I never knew possible, but it has also brought me joy in ways I never knew I’d experience. My heart has grown! The simple things are my favorite things, and each morning, I start each day with the little wake-up call of my twins laughter.

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