Coffee has always been a part of my life, it just looks different now. Before the twins, coffee included quiet time at Starbucks or my one favorite local shops, sipping on a latte, enjoying the warmth, taste, ambiance – feeling it was worth the $5 that was spent. Often with that coffee also came time with friends. Talking about life. Celebrating life’s triumphs, and going through life’s sorrows. It was something that brought us together. Something that could bring a calm.

Now, coffee still has many of those same feelings. But, since the twins arrival, it looks different. Now, I long for my 1st cup of coffee in the morning, it’s the start of the day. But instead of having it right away, I usually wait until the morning chaos dies down – either the twins are playing, or they have gone for a nap, so I can sit and enjoy it. Drinking my coffee is a time to think – prepare for the day maybe, reflect on the day past, catch up with friends over morning texts. For Christmas, my family got me a Keurig and I love it – not because I was incapable of making a pot of coffee, but in those moments when I had time to sit down and enjoy one, I wanted it to be fresh & hot.

There are so many memes about coffee and motherhood, and I find many of them true. Some day’s I really do need an IV drip of coffee, others just my one cup will do, and some I lie in bed regretting that cup I had too late in the day. But every day, however it starts, there is comfort in my routine of a quiet hot cup of coffee to have time to reflect and ponder.

So, for today…. but first, coffee.