About Me


I have a love-hate relationship with 'about me' sections. I love getting to see into someones world, and learn a little bit more about them.  But at the same time, I struggle with what I want to share.  Do I simply share fun-facts, or a more in depth story of who I am, but with that, I am still learning, its a journey afterall.  So, here we go.... about me.... 

Phil is my better half, and we have been together since we were 18! It was a simple and fast love story, and we were married just after we both turned 21! In our 12 years of marriage we have built a precious little life, one that I wouldn't trade anything for!   

Our story was marked by infertility for many years, something that became a defining part of my life, it truly was all consuming, heartwrenching, and a time in my life that I saw so much growth.  After 6 years, we welcomed our beautiful babies into the world - Mr. T and Miss. A our boy-girl twins. What a way to enter parenthood. Fast and furious!  It was a crazy and beautiful first year, filled with so much joy, and equal part tears, but our family was complete. We thought. 

When our babies turned 2, there was a pull in my heart that perhaps there was room in our family for 1 more. Fun fact, after fraternal twins, your chance of twins is 1 in 12. Pretty high odds. Between that and the unknown of infertility we were unsure, but we decided to give it one year, and in the 12th month of trying for another baby, we found out we were expecting - just one! Answered prayers, and we were on our way to being the #schalmpartyof5

Our family was completed when Princess P came on scene in 2018.  She truly is a joy, and all of us adore her! Now life moves at a fast pace, with 4.5year old twins and an almost 1 year old babe. Its crazy, its fun, and its ours. 

This little corner of the internet is my place to share a little into our life, our home, and our adventures.  Raising twins plus 1, trying to find the illusive balance, and finding the joy in the chaos, the laughter among the busy, and sharing love always along the way.  My life is definitely messy, but it's a beautiful chaos, and most importantly its mine.  Thanks for stopping by!

Fun Facts About Me
  • I love Jesus, and I love my church
  • I love music! all day every day! singing & dance-parties, you bet! 
  • Current fave candy: Twin Snakes, followed closely by Peach Penguins.
  • Fave coffee drink is an Americano Misto
  • Gilmore Girls is by far my fave show. I have probably watched the entirety of the show 10x, its my go to mindless show now when I'm working on projects and keeps me laughing.  
  • Pink is my fave color, but it has to be the right pink!
  • I love suprises. But am also the worlds biggest snooper, so that makes it challenging. 
  • My love languages are Quality Times and Gifts 
  • Meyers Briggs is ESFJ-T