Host an Party!
There are 2 great options to have essential oil socials...

In person! 

Invite your friends over for an informative evening learning about essential oils and how to use them.  I love to help plan make-and-takes, where we actually use the oils to make rollers, sprays, soaps etc. that you actually get to take home and start using right away!  I would share about the premium starter kid (the best way to get started with essential oils!) and all the uses they have!  It's so much fun!



 Let's face it, life is BUSY! Sometimes its hard to fit in another thing, but good news, an online class can be just as fun and informative, but from the comfort of your home (and your guest too!).  We set up a facebook event, where I'll share all about the premium starter kit, and how to of the oils, and even offer a fun give-away for those who attend/participate in the class! 

Buy your Premium Starter Kit Now

You're ready to jump in, and buy that coveted premium started kit. I would love to help you get started, you can click here and order your kit today! 

Once you order, not only will you get my support on your oily adventure, but you are also a part of a greater community of people who love oils, and sharing how to use them! It's really the best!