Why I Love Essential Oils

I have confidence using them on my family!
I feel peace of mind when I am using these in our home and on our bodies! There is so much education available for safe usage, and to help support your families health.
A beautiful and inspiring Team
Being a part of a community of babes supporting babes, and people encouraging you to know better and do better!
Young Living Seed to Seal Promise
YL promises to bring pure and safe essential oils to the market. They monitor the process literally the whole way from the seeds that are put into the ground, all the way when the bottles are sealed!
The Premium Starter Kit
this is what started it all!

One of the best way to get started with essential oils, in my honest opinion is the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  It gives your the opportunity to dive in and switch out so many items in your home.  The kit itself comes with a beautiful diffuser, and 11 of the most popular oils!  At first it may seem overwhelming, but the truth is, that you also get to be a part of community who helps you a long your way, and that is so valuable. 

Every oil is my favorite oil depending on the day  or the need, but even if you think you'd never use them, I promise, that once you know what they can be used for, you too will find great uses for each little bottle of goodness. 

Essential Oils and WHY I love them!

When my twins were just over 1, I remember cleaning the playroom floor and was convicted that I really needed to find something that was safer for this.  They were both still crawling, and all the toys seemed to constantly be going into their mouths.  I knew I could do better for our family.  I had heard about essential for years, even as far as having a few rollers made from friends, but hadn't given it much thought about how it could be a part of my daily life.  After some research, and the invitation by a friend for a little info night, I decided that I would purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, it would have all I needed to ditch and switch a lot of products in my life.  Primarily at the time it would be for cleaning and to replace candles! 


I really didn't anticiapte the journey it would bring me on.  What I would learn and how much in our life would be shifted by this.  Knowledge really is power, and this new knowledge had me reading labels, and considering what was actually in my products, and what I was putting in and on my body! Now her we are, almost 4 years later, still learning, still making changes, and still sharing with everyone the importance of knowing whats in your products.