The twins just turned 1 in December (note to self: time to blog about their birthday party – coming soon!), so they aren’t totally understanding the whole Easter thing yet, but I have some traditions that we want to keep up with them.

One tradition we always had growing up were Easter outfits – it was my mom’s clever way to make sure we looked nice for Easter Sunday, but also a good time to get us a new dress that would fit for the spring summer (we also got Christmas outfits, much for the same reason). I’ll do another post on what the twins will be wearing – but its adorable, and I’m especially excited that Miss A is walking, as she’ll look extra cute toddling in her dress!

Now, back to Easter baskets — like I said, the twins are just 15 months now, so don’t really need much. We’ll have an Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, with plastic eggs filled with snacks – so they shake, but are toddler friendly (ie: fish crackers, puffs, etc). For their Easter baskets, I have to restrain myself to not get everything, as it’s far to easy to get carried away, and before you know it, it’s Christmas at Easter.

So, these are their Easter Baskets this year:

And here is what is inside each one:

  • Handmade Bunny from Cotton Fox Shop
  • 2 Books
  • Box of Annie’s Bunnies & Cheese
  • 4 Plastic Easter Eggs filled with: Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies & Annie’s Graham Cookies

 That’s it! The snack and pasta are edible (and the extra’s are in the cupboard and restocked the snacks which is a bonus.  The bunny is a gorgeous handmade heirloom gift which I am in love with, and would highly recommend – she also makes gorgeous dolls, and foxes!).  Our kids love books, so adding to the library is always welcome!

As they get bigger, I know we’ll use Easter as a time to stock up on great outdoor things – chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, etc.  but for now the twins are too little for much of that, so this is a perfect basket for them.

What are you traditions for Easter? What do you fill your kids Easter baskets with?